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Xclusively Jaguar current Patrons – Win Percy, Keith Helfet, Michael Quinn and Mike Kimberley


Norman Dewis and Win Percy accepted my invitation to become patrons of Xclusively Jaguar in 2012, and in 2017 were joined by Jim Randle and Keith Helfet.


RIP Norman Dewis OBE (3rd August 1920 – 8th June 2019)

RIP James Neville Randle (24th April 1938 – 6th July 2019)


Norman Dewis: A Personal View

Norman Dewis and a prelude to the first E-type test drive

Jim Randle: A Personal View

Jim Randle: A Final Farewell



ndwp The late Norman Dewis OBE and Win Percy, first patrons of Xclusively Jaguar, seen here enjoying The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club International Jaguar Weekend 2012. Norman Dewis, former Chief Jaguar test driver, is closely associated with the XJ13, among numerous other projects, and legendary Jaguar racing driver, Win Percy is closely associated with TWR, among numerous other projects. Xclusively Jaguar is very proud to be associated with these two great Jaguar legends!

Picture courtesy of Nigel Thorley

Keith Helfet and Jim Randle with Rob Jenner and Letitia MaceFrom left to right: Keith Helfet, Rob Jenner, Letitia Mace and Jim Randle on the JEC stand at the NEC Classic Motor Show 2017.
Former Jaguar Director of Engineering, the late Jim Randle, who can put his name to many projects but is chiefly remembered for XJ220 and XJ40, and Keith Helfet, who designed a number of stunning Jaguars, the most famous being XJ220, have graciously accepted my invitation to become patrons of Xclusively Jaguar.


Picture courtesy of Colin Manconi

Norman Dewis and Jim Randle having recently both passed away in quick succession, I invited Michael Quinn to take on the role of patron, alongside Win Percy and Keith Helfet, an invitation that I am delighted to say was accepted!

Michael Quinn

Mike Kimberley is our most recently appointed patron, a former Jaguar apprentice who was involved in the development of XJ13.



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