Brucie’s Diary: January 2016

Current mileage: 168,042

Traditionally, my annual round up of the previous years’ highlights has been in the December issue of Xclusively Jaguar News, however, breaking with tradition, this year it has been carried over to the new year, and appears below.

Meanwhile, looking forward to 2016, Rob Jenner’s evening talks at JEC regional meetings were well received last year, and for 2016 already include North Wales Region (14th March 2016), South Wales Region (16th March 2016) and North East Region (29th March 2016). All clubs with an automotive interest are welcome to apply.


Highlights of 2015

With 2015 being such a busy year, I have yet to add the events of June, July and August to Brucie’s Diary, but now that I have a new website, and it being the ‘quiet’ time of the year, that should be done in the next 2 months, with posts notifying this as appropriate – so stay tuned!


April 2015
This was an exciting month – Brucie celebrated his 18th birthday with Norman Dewis giving him the best present ever – his signature! A cherished gift, and one to treasure!

Norman Dewis signing Brucie

Norman Dewis carefully applies his signature to Brucie’s rear seat arm rest

See the full story in Brucie’s Diary: April 2015


September 2015
Although the whole of 2015 was fabulous, if I had to pick my favourite month of the year, it would have to be September!

Rob Jenner and I won our class in the Jaguar Cars Concours of Elegance at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh with P760 NRW; celebrated the marriage of my eldest daughter with Jane Weitzmann’s Jaguar XJ220; and challenged each other to a race in a power-matched pair of Lamborghini Gallardo’s  at Ingliston Revival !!!

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560's

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560’s

See the full story in Brucie’s Diary: September 2015


Up-dates from 2015

October 2015
After discovering that Brucie’s handbrake cable had locked on, both sides, Brucie spent most of October on a ramp, handbrake mechanism dismantled, waiting for parts to arrive. The rhs handbrake cable was sourced from Jaguar, but the lhs was on back order, so an after-market version was purchased in the interim, to get Brucie off the ramp and back into action, as we all know that back orders can be notoriously long winded! However, when the after-market cable was fitted, it turned out to be 2 inches too long! Fortunately, by the time we had finished pondering the alternatives the genuine part arrived and was fitted. A lesson in the perils of buying aftermarket substitutes!

While Brucie was on the ramp, I topped up his Waxoyl, as referred to in his October 2015 Diary and took some photos of the under-side of the floorpan, suspension, brakes etc for reference – not perfect but all in good working order.

To save Brucie the journey to XJK at Stoke on Trent, the work was done by Scott Brown Cars in Reston, Scotland. Scott Brown has been regularly working on Jaguar cars for 20 years, and I can thoroughly recommend him.

Scott Brown Cars


December 2016
The Edinburgh & South East Scotland JEC Region enjoyed their Christmas Dinner at the Craigielaw Golf Club, Restaurant and Lodge. Rob and I were part of a party of eighteen. The company was excellent, the meal superb, the accommodation luxurious, and the service and general atmosphere at this ‘hotel’ was such that the club will be returning for a third time next year, and we can thoroughly recommend it!

For me it was an excellent finish to what has been a memorable year, and the opportunity to build on new friendships made at some of the Scottish events I attended during the year.

Craigielaw Golf Club, Restaurant and Lodge

In 2016 I hope to be more involved in Jaguar related events in the South East of Scotland, as well as those already planned across the rest of the UK!