Jaguar Paint Codes


There are numerous Jaguar paint code lists on the internet – most are incorrect!

This is the definitive list, which I began in 2008 with the assistance of Anders Ditlev-Clausager at the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust. It was finally completed by Den Carlow in 2012 and lodged with Jaguar Heritage as the official Jaguar Paint Code list.

Please take a look, and if you do not see your Jaguar paint code listed, PLEASE email Xclusively Jaguar, as there are still many codes to be added when time permits, so that we can have a list which is as complete, and therefore as useful, as possible.

Listed alphabetically by code.

Paint types are listed in order to clarify the use of differing codes for colours of the same name.

Colours which pre-date the code system are listed at the end. Their original codes were specific to the paint manufacturer that created them and as these have been superseded many times over, they are not listed. For these colours, please consult a reputable body refinisher, such as Camamile & Hay in Nottingham, who will assess and mix paint to order.

Opalescent, Metallic, Micatallic and Xirallic are all differing forms of ‘metallic’ paint finish, Opalescent being the earliest and Xirallic the most recent.

Solid colours are non-metallic.

CoB – Clear over Base

TPA – Thermoplastic


Factory Code Colour Name Year Range Notes
A Typically pale brown hues
ABW/2156 Dark Bronze – met 2014 water based
ACM/214 Brazilia Brown – met 76-80 TPA, ex-Rover
ADA/275 Caramel – met 73-82 TPA
ADR/259 Sable 68-76 Cellulose
ADS/262 Carriage Brown 76-78 Cellulose
AEA/299 Portland Beige 80-84 TPA
AEB/298 Grosvenor Brown 80-86 TPA
AER Light Beige 97-01
AFK/344 Cygnet CoB, was Antelope
AFL/345 Sandpiper Brown – met 87 CoB, was Mid Brown, then Bronze
AFM/322 Antelope – met 82-86
AFT/704 Curlew Brown – met 84-86 TPA
AFV/711 Woodsmoke – met 86-87 CoB, now AGA/747
AFZ/791 Light Brown – met 93 CoB
AGA/747 Satin Beige – met 87-90 CoB, was AFV/711
AGB/763 Sandstone – met 93-95 Insignia Range (1 of 10)
ANC/320 Cirrus 82-84
ANK/727 Mid Beige – met CoB
ANL/739 Chocolate mica-met CoB, was Mauve mica (pearl?)
ANM/730 Litho Purple – met CoB
ANY/802 Mahogany – met 93-95 Insignia Range (2 of 10)
ANZ/764 Saturn Orange mica-met 93-95 Insignia Range (3 of 10)
B Typically darker brown hues
BAG/1AP/2162 Quartzite 15-17+ metallic
BDA/292 Chestnut Brown – met 78-84 TPA
BDB/267 Moroccan Bronze 78-83 Cellulose
BDD/710 Bronze CoB
BDE/1921 Roman Bronze – met 00-01
BDG/1988 Golden Bramble – met 04-05
BDF/1929 Copper – met 01-02
BEC/174 Black Crystal – met 88-94 BL code (BLVC5)
BMD/456 Bokhara – met
C Typically red hues
CAH/1AF/2144 Italian Racing Red 11-17+ Xirallic
above code+868 Firenze Red 2019 was Italian Racing Red
CAJ/2138 Carnelian Red – met 12-15+
CAX/1AH/2165 Odyssey Red 15-17+
CBP/1BD/2206 Caldera Red 16-19+
CBR/1AX/2205 Rossello Red 2019+ was Aurora Red 16-17+
CCB/1CM/2271 Photon Red 2019
CCE/211 Richlieu 76-80 TPA, ex-Rover
CDF/258 Signal Red 68-78 Cellulose
CDG/211 Damson Red 78-79 TPA, ex-Rover, was Richlieu
CDJ/287 Sebring Red 77-86 TPA, was Carnelian
CDM/302 Imperial Crimson 80-84 Cellulose
CDN/303 Garnet Red – met TPA
CDP/582 Imperial Red – met 94-98
CDR/854 Maroon 95-96
CDS/855 Red 95-96
CDX/2020 Jupiter Red – met 2004 Was Russet Red. Special Edition USA
CEA/310 Claret – met 81-86 TPA
CEE/316 Cranberry Red – met 83-86 TPA
CEG Claret
CEH/332 Grenadier Red 86-90 CoB, was Lancia Red, then Mid Red
CEJ/343 Amaranth Red – met 86 CoB, was Dark Red
CEK/340 Bordeaux Red – met 86-91 CoB, was Mid Red, Wine, Rouge
CEL/329 Burgundy 83
CEV/714 Crimson – met 86-88 CoB, now CFF/772
CEX/1954 Garnet – met 06-09 see also CGX/1954
CEZ/733 Special Pearl Red – met CoB
CFA/734 Regency Red mica-met 89-94 CoB, was Red mica
CFB/737 Dark Red mica-met CoB, now PDP/737
CFC/748 Signal Red 87-96 CoB, was Bright Fireglow
CFD/736 Fireglow CoB
CFE/726 Crimson pearl-met CoB
CFF/772 Crimson – met 88-89 CoB, was CEV/714
CFG/778 Morocco Red mica-met 93-96 CoB
CFH/765 Flamenco Red mica-met 90-95 CoB, was Bright Red
CFJ/736 Meteor Red 93 CoB, was Red
CFP/794 Dark Red – met 1994
CFS/811 Carnival mica-met 96-98
CGA/836 Bright Red mica 97
CGE/819 Cabernet pearl-met 97-98
CGF/881 Madeira mica-met 98
CGG/1811 Carnival pearl-met 98-03
CGH/1881 Madeira pearl-met 98-02
CGJ/1898 Jupiter Red 00
CGL/1924 Phoenix Red 98-04
CGM/1901 Mid Red – met 2001
CGP/1909 Red Gold – met 98-01
CGS/1933 Pimento – met 2002
CGX/1954 Garnet – met 06-09 see also CEX/1954
CHA/1964 Salsa 05-15+ Solid
CHB/1975 Radiance – met 04-06
CHF/2005 Red Brown – met 2006
CHG/2077 Chilli Red – met 07-10
CHL/2001 Persian/Deep Red – met 2008
CHN/2097 Claret – met 09-14+
CHP/2100 Caviar 09-15+ Xirallic
CLR7 Opalescent Maroon – met 61-68
CLR23 Opalescent Light Maroon – met 65-71
CMA Damask Red 1987
D Swallow (SS) Colours
D1184 New Birch Grey 33
D1267 Cream 33-38 aka Ivory
D1283 Grey 33-38
D1285 Special Maroon 38 listed as “special”
D1306 Nile Blue 33-38
D1308 Silver 38 also listed as D3129?
D1319 Olive Green 33-37
D1327 Dark Blue 33-38
D1339 Lavender 33-38 aka Lavender Grey for 1937/8
D1670 Maroon 33-38
D1828 Suede Green 33-38
D1885 Gunmetal 38
D1974 Mountain Ash Green 38
D1980 Amaranth Red 38
D2019 Green Grey 38 listed as “special”
D2023 Birch Grey 38
D2024 Battleship Grey 38
D2032 Honeysuckle 33-38
D2048 Green 38
D2049 Red 38
D2149 Special Grey 39 listed as “special”
D2599 Olive Green 37-38
DDC/277 Mink – met 77-81 TPA
DDE Misty Peach 95-98
DDF/2016 Pink 2002 SVO
E Typically orange hues
EAT/1AZ/2171 Firesand – met 13-17+ aka Vivid Orange in 2013
EAV/1BL/2214 Namib Orange 2019
EDA/279 Coral – met 72-77 TPA
EDD/837 Burnished Orange mica 94-98
EDF/2020 Jupiter Red – mica 2003
F Typically yellow hues
FCA Almond 74-78
FCB/212 Turmeric Yellow 76 TPA, ex-Rover
FDA/252 Greensand 72-77 Cellulose
FDB/251 Pale Primrose 63-77 Cellulose, aka Primrose
FDD/266 Yellow Gold 76-78 Cellulose
FDE/212 Cotswold Yellow 78-81 TPA, ex-Rover, was Turmeric
FDF/300 Mulsanne Yellow 80-81
FDH/830 Primrose Pearl pearl-met 93-95 Insignia Range (Grundton/Ground) (4 of 10)
FDK/834 Bright Yellow – mica 94-98
FDN Dakar Yellow Apr 99
G Typically gold hues
GAA/2123 Astral Gold – met 2008 Portfolio
GAT/1AJ/2161 Ingot 15-17+
GAU/1AW/2215 Halcyon Gold 16-17+
GDA/280 Silversand – met 73-86 TPA
GDB/306 Coronet Gold – met 81-84 TPA
GDD/346 Regal Gold – met CoB, was Coronet Gold
GDE/347 Georgian Gold – met CoB, was Light Gold, then Maya
GDF/341 Sovereign Gold – met 86-88 CoB, was Pale Gold, then Beige Opale
GDH/703 Sheraton Gold – met CoB, was Texas Gold
GDJ/707 Filigree Gold – met TPA
GDK Rolls Royce Gold CoB
GDL/1980 Gold – met 03-04
GDM/2002 Winter Gold – met 03-10
GDN Suzuka Sun 2003
GDR/2094 Cashmere Gold – metallic 09-15+
GL5030 Black 66-74
H Typically green hues
HAC Taiga Green – met 2011 Land Rover Galway Green
HAD Sage 1987
HAF/281 Poseidon 1978 -80 TPA, ex-Triumph
HDG Sage – met 70-76 Cellulose
HDH/253 Fern Grey 72-77 Cellulose
HDJ/254 British Racing Green 67-78 Cellulose
HDK/278 Mistletoe – met 78-84 TPA
HDM/264 Juniper Green 77-79 Cellulose
HDN/281 (Jaguar) Racing Green – met 78-85 TPA
HDS/852 Aegean Green 95-96
HEA/294 April Green – met 81-84
HEB Dark Green Inmont
HEF/304 Evergreen – met 81-84 TPA
HEG/314 Sage Green – met 83-86 TPA
HEH/318 Dark Green 77
HEJ/339 Serpentine – met 84 CoB, was Sage Green
HEK/334 Jaguar Dark Green CoB
HEL/325 Dark Green 83-85
HEM/423 Opaline Green TPA
HEN/701 Jaguar Racing Green 86-89 CoB, was Dark Green, then Grand Prix Green
HEP Gavin Green Jaguar Special
HER/705 Jaguar Racing Green 85-86 TPA
HES/709 Alpine Green – met 86-89 CoB, was Catkin
HET/717 Moorland Green – met 86-89 CoB, was Leaf Green
HEV/735 Jade Green mica-met 90-97 was Green mica, then Alpine Green
HEW/729 Dark Frond Green – met CoB
HFB/753 Brooklands Green 90-98 CoB, was Dark Green
HFC/782 Spearmint – met CoB
HFD/777 Catkin mica-met 92 CoB
HFE/779 Kingfisher Blue – met 92-96 CoB, was Dark Lagoon
HFG/788 Mid Green – met CoB
HFH/790 Mineral Green – met 93-95 CoB, was Dk Green, now Insignia Range (5 of 10)
HFL/823 Spruce mica-met 96-98
HFM/831 Peppermint – met 93-95 Insignia Range (6 of 10)
HFR/835 Sherwood – met 97-98
HGA Light Green 97-01
HGD/1753 British Racing Green 98-06
HGE/1835 Sherwood – met 98
HGF/1880 Alpine Green – met 99-00
HGG/1895 Emerald Green – met 99-02
HGL/1823 Spruce – met 98
HGN/1932 Adriatic Blue pearl-met 01-03
HGP/1945 Aspen pearl-met 02
HGY/1AL/2129 British Racing Green 12-17+
HGZ/1957 Jaguar Racing Green – met 03-06
HHN/2044 Botanical Green – met 07-12
J Typically blue hues
JAC/1AS Blue Fire 2016+
JAN/1BJ/2167 Ultra Blue 15-19+
JBC/851 Grey 95-01
JBM/1AM/2149 Loire Blue 2019+ was Dark Sapphire 14-17+
JCF/236 Atlantis Blue ex-Rover colour
JDF Aegean Blue – met 72-77
JDG/255 Dark Blue 64-77 Cellulose
JDH/256 Lavender Blue 72-77 TPA
JDJ/265 Squadron Blue 76-78 Cellulose
JDK Biascan Blue – met Cellulose
JDM/286 Cobalt Blue – met 78-86 TPA
JDN Azure Blue 65-75 Special order
JDR Blue 94
JDS/853 Blue 95-96
JEA/291 Quartz Blue – met 78-80 TPA
JEB/301 Indigo Blue 80-81 TPA
JEC/307 Sapphire Blue – met 82-85 TPA, now JEY/719
JED/309 Kingfisher – met 81-84 TPA
JEE/273 Biascan Blue – met 76-81 TPA
JEJ/311 Mineral Blue – met 81-84 TPA
JEK Mid Blue 97-01
JEL Light Blue 97-01
JER/326 Clarendon Blue 84 TPA, was Dark Blue
JEV/706 Windsor Blue 85-86 TPA
JEW/715 Solent Blue – met CoB, now JFJ/715
JEX/718 Tungsten – met 86-91 CoB
JEY/719 Sapphire – met TPA, was JEC/307
JFA Vauxhall Light Blue
JFC/338 Clipper Blue – met 86 CoB, was Abyssal Bue
JFD/331 Ensign Blue CoB, was Mid Blue, then Trafalgar Blue
JFE/337 Arctic Blue – met 86-91 CoB, was Light Blue, then Haze Blue
JFG/712 Westminster Blue 86-98 CoB
JFJ/715 Solent Blue – met 86-94 CoB, was JEW/715
JFM/738 Mid Blue – met CoB, was Dark Blue
JFN/743 Diamond Blue mica-met 89-94 CoB, was Light Blue mica, then Silver Blue
JFP/724 Dark Blue – met CoB
JFR/728 Dutch Blue – met CoB
JFS/771 Dark Blue – met CoB, was Dark Slate
JFT/741 Light Blue – met CoB, was Slate
JFW/L113537 Royal Blue Inmont
JFX/752 Dark Blue CoB
JFY/786 Blue Pearl mica-met CoB
JFZ/789 Crystal Blue – met 91-93 CoB, was Light Blue
JGA/792 Light Blue mica-met CoB
JGB/803 Dark Blue mica-met 93 CoB, now JGC/804?
JGC/804 Dark Blue mica-met CoB, was JGB/803?
JGD/805 Dark Blue – met CoB
JGE/806 Sapphire Blue – met 94-98 CoB
JGH/799 Crystal Blue – met 93-95 Insignia Range (7 of 10)
JGJ/800 Blue Grey – met 96
JGL/822 Dark Blue 96
JGM/818 Dark Blue – met 9
JGP/829 Amethyst – met 93-95 Insignia Range (8 of 10)
JGR/833 Lavender – met 93-95 Insignia Range (9 of 10)
JGY/839 Aquamarine – met 97-98
JGZ/840 Antigua mica-met 97-98
JHA/861 Mistral – met 98
JHE/1806 Sapphire – met 98-02
JHF/1839 Aquamarine mica-met 98
JHG/1712 Westminster Blue 98-02
JHH/1840 Antigua pearl-met 98-99
JHJ/1861 Mistral – met 98-01
JHK/1AV/2232 Caesium Blue 16-19+
JHM/1905 Pacific Blue pearl-met 00-06
JHN/1907 Blue Gold – met Feb 1998
JHV/1927 Zircon pearl-met 02-06
JIP/1DG/2410 Portofino Blue 2019+
JJF/1974 Ultraviolet – met 04-06
JJX/2003 Indigo Blue 05-14+ Metallic & Xirallic versions
JJZ/2053 Frost Blue – met 06-11
JKA/2054 Bay Blue – met 2006
JKE/2038 Azure Blue – met 07-10
JKF/2039 Crystal Blue – met 11-14+
JKH/2076 Glacier Blue – met 07-10
JKK/2068 Ionian Blue – met 09-10
JKL/2107 Lazuli Blue – met 08-09
JKM/2108 Spectrum Blue – met 09-12
JMQ/2124 Kyanite Blue 09-13 Xirallic
JMU/108 Pacific Blue 1956/7 Solid, Synthetic
JYG/2145 French Racing Blue 11-15+ Solid
JS1 Spa – met 92-93 Silver – unique to XJ220
JS2 Le Mans – met 92-93 Dark Blue – unique to XJ220
JS3 Silverstone – met 92-93 Dark Green – unique to XJ220
JS4 Monza – met 92-93 Dark Red – unique to XJ220
JS5 Daytona- met 92-93 Almost Black – unique to XJ220
K Typically purple hues
KDA Heather 72-75 Cellulose
KDB/274 Amethyst – met 76-79
KDC/780 Medium Slate –
KDD/793 SF Purple – met 96
KDJ/862 Amaranth – met 98
KDK/1862 Amaranth mica-met 98-99
L Typically grey hues
LDC/324 Carlton Grey 73-77 TPA
LDD Light Grey
LDL/315 Regent Grey – met 83-86 TPA
LDN/335 Purbeck Grey 84-86 CoB, was Cirrus Grey
LDP/342 Dorchester Grey – met 86-89 CoB, was Regent Grey
LEB/702 Dove Grey 86-89 CoB, was Mid Grey
LEC/708 Steel (Blue) – met 86 TPA
LED/713 Savoy Grey – met 86-89 CoB
LEH/740 Gunmetal mica-met 90-94 CoB, was Grey mica, then Dorchester Grey mica
LEJ/749 Carlton Grey CoB
LEK/731 Savoy Grey – met 89-91 CoB, was Taupe
LEL/725 Grey Green – met CoB, now LER/774?
LEN/RR708 Tudor Grey CoB, BASF Rolls Royce colour
LEP/775 Platinum – met 93-94 CoB, was New Tungsten
LER/774 Grey Green – met 92 CoB, was LEL/725?
LEV/783 Steel Grey pearl-met 95 CoB, was Mid Grey
LEW/784 Light Grey – met CoB
LEX/785 Greenish Grey mica-met 93 CoB
LFA/810 Titanium mica-met 95-98
LFB/825 Turquoise Grey – met 96
LGA Grey 95-01
LGB/873 Steel Grey 2 – met 96
LGF/897 Steel Grey 3 – met 97
LGL/1810 Titanium mica-met 98-01
LHK/1926 Quartz – met 02-06
LHL/1943 Slate pearl-met 01-06
LIB/1CN/2273 Borasco Grey 2019+
LJZ/2028 Lunar Grey 11-15+
LKG/2146 Satellite Grey 13-14+
LKH/1AB/2136 Corris Grey 2019+ was Ammonite Grey 13-17+
LKS/1AR/2200 Tempest Grey 16-17+
LKT/1AU/2204 Carpathian Grey 2019+ was Storm Grey 16-17+
LMO/2041 Vapour Grey 2011+
LMR Shadow Grey
LND/2063 Tektite Grey 09+
LNL/2127 Stratus Grey 11-15+
M Typically silver hues
MDB/260 Silver Grey – met 79 Cellulose
MDC Silver Grey – met
MDD/216 Platinum – met 76-81 TPA, ex-Rover, was Silver Frost
MDE/396 Rhodium Silver – met 80-86 TPA
MDF/336 Talisman Silver – met 86-90 CoB, was Silver
MDG/349 Mother of Pearl – met CoB, was Lilac Silver, then Quartz
MDJ/716 Silver Birch – met 86-88 was Birch Bark
MDK/750 Silver Frost – met 90-95 CoB, was Silver
MDM/E8702 Rhodium Silver – met CoB
MDP/821 Ice Blue – met 95-97
MDS/860 Seafrost – met 98
MDT/911 Meteorite – met 98
MDV/1860 Seafrost – met 98-06
MDX/1911 Meteorite – met 98-99
MDY Silver – met 98
MDZ/1916 Platinum – met 00-06
MEE/2029 Liquid Silver 2011+
MEN/1AC/2130 Indus Silver 2019+ was Rhodium Silver 12-17+
MMC/1AN/2151 Osmium 14-16+
MVU/1BN/2213 Silicon Silver 2019+
N Typically white hues
NAK/1AQ/2201 Yulong White 18-19+ aka Glacier White 15-17
NCF/215 Tudor White TPA, ex-Rover, was Pendelican
NDB/250 Old English White 70-78 Cellulose
NDC/215 Tudor White 78-86 TPA
NDE/319 Ivory TPA
NDF Special White
NDG/317 Cumulus White 83 TPA
NDH/330 Spindrift White CoB, was Cumulus White
NDJ/700 Nimbus White 86-87 CoB, was White
NDK/721 Glacier White 87-88 CoB, was Police White
NDM/732 Spindrift White 96-98 CoB, aka White
NDP/742 Glacier White 2 88-95 CoB
NDT/832 White Pearl pearl-met 93-95 Insignia Range (Grundton/Ground) (10 of 10)
NDY/841 Warm White 97
NEA/850 Cream 95-96
NEE/1732 Spindrift 98-00
NEG/1942 Onyx 00-06
NER/1AA/2135 Fuji White 2019 was Polaris White 11-17+
P Typically black hues
PAB/1AG/820 Santorini Black 16-19+ was PEL/1AG/2103 Ultimate
PDC/90 Black Cellulose, ex-Austin Morris
PDE/373 Jet Black 80 TPA
PDF/308 Sable – met 81-84 TPA
PDH/333 Jet Black 86-93 CoB, was Black
PDP/737 Black Cherry mica-met 90-93 CoB, was CFB/737
PDR/773 Black 120 mica-met CoB
PDT/807 Black 94-98
PDV/824 Nautilus mica-met 96-97
PDX/859 Anthracite pearl-met 97-98
PEB Black Cherry 97-01
PEC/1807 Ebony 03-17+ was Black? 98-02
PEC/1AT/1807 Narvik Black 2019+ was Ebony (see above row)
PED/1859 Anthracite pearl-met 98-02
PEF/1959 Midnight – met 03-11
PEH/1AE Black Cherry 2016+
PEJ/1AD/2062 Celestial Black 2016+
PEL/1AG/2103 Ultimate Black 08-15 Metallic & Xirallic versions
PMA/90 Maraschino Black 81 Cellulose, aka Black
PMC/1AK/2163 Black Berry 15-17+
PNG/1BF/2219 Farallon Black 2019+ was Cosmic 2017
PVS/2132 Black Amethyst 12-15+
R Dual colours
RDA/DUAL Silver/Maroon TPA
RDB/DUAL Carlton Grey/Light Grey
RDC/DUAL Sebring/Black
RDD/DUAL Black/Burgundy
RDE/DUAL Black/Carlton Grey
RDF/DUAL Black/Rolls Royce Claret
RDG/DUAL Black/Maroon
RDH/DUAL Rhodium/Cranberry
RDJ/DUAL Sapphire/Cobalt TPA
RDK/DUAL Bronze/Antelope CoB
RDL/DUAL Sage/Racing Green
RDM/DUAL Rhodium/Black
RDN/DUAL Dark Blue/Regent Grey
RDP/DUAL Rhodium/Burgundy
RDR/DUAL Regent Grey/Anthracite
RDS/DUAL Silversand/Burgundy TPA
RDT/DUAL Black/Citroen Green
RDU/DUAL Regent Grey/Rhodium TPA
RDV/DUAL Steel/Cobalt TPA
RDW/DUAL Rhodium/Windsor TPA
RDX/DUAL Dark Blue/Carlton Grey
RDY/DUAL Antelope/Curlew
RDZ/DUAL Silversand/Black TPA
REA/DUAL Rhodium/Steel TPA
REC/DUAL Arctic/Solent
RED/DUAL Talisman/Solent CoB
REE/DUAL Talisman/Dorchester CoB
REJ/DUAL Westminster/Black CoB
REK/DUAL Silver Birch/Satin Beige CoB
REL/DUAL Tungsten/Dorchester CoB
REM/DUAL Tungsten/Solent CoB
REN/DUAL Westminster/Arctic CoB
REP/DUAL Arctic/Westminster
RES/DUAL Tungsten/Gunmetal CoB
RET/DUAL Satin Beige/Regency CoB
REV/DUAL Diamond/Solent CoB
REW/DUAL Black/Regency
REX/DUAL Solent/Arctic CoB
REY/DUAL Talisman/Black CoB
REZ/DUAL Dorchester/Gunmetal CoB
RFH/DUAL Black/Westminster code unclear, poss incorrect?
S Typically gold hues
SDD/754 Tuscany Bronze mica-met 90-93 CoB, was Dark Beige
SDE/751 Oyster – met 90-94 CoB, was Light Beige
SDH/787 Reddish Beige mica-met 93 CoB
SDL/795 Rose Bronze – met 94-95
SDN/820 Topaz – met 95-98
SDT/838 White Gold – met 97
SEC/1820 Topaz – met 98-06
T Typically early red hues, in cellulose
TDA Morello Cellulose
TDB Aubergine – met 73-77 Cellulose
TDC Maroon Cellulose
TDD/257 Regency Red 68-77 Cellulose
TDE Aubergine – met 72-75 TPA
TDF Aubergine CoB
U & V Typically turquoise hues
UDA Turquoise
UDB/827 Turquoise – met 95-96 aka Bright Turquoise – met
VDA Turquoise 72-74
No Code No code found to date
Ascot Fawn 68-72
Mediterranean Blue 1954 – 5 cars onl