British Motor Museum First Breakfast Club Meeting

First Breakfast Club Meeting at the British Motor Museum – 2nd April 2016

Report by Martin Gliddon, XJS Club

British Motor Museum Breakfast Club

Soon after we had attended the press launch and official opening of the revamped British Motor Museum, the XJS Club was invited to the first Breakfast Club Meeting for Jaguar and Daimler cars at the Museum. The event was well publicised throughout social media means and in various Club magazines, so it was hoped that a good turnout could be expected. The Museum had promised guided tours around the new collections buildings, which would be an eye opener for most of those attending. Even the weather promised to behave itself, or so the BBC weather forecast said, showing rain and clouds in a line Northwards from Shropshire. No worries then, fine weather, great venue and a pleasant journey, despite the Motorway slip road closures, was in store for many. Well that was the plan.

Looking out of the bedroom window that morning, it was plain to see that it was pouring down and having my car stood outside overnight due to garaging problems, all my careful work in cleaning and polishing her had gone to waste. By the time we left the rain had stopped and the sun was trying, not very successfully I admit, to poke it’s face through the clouds. The 30 minute run to Gaydon would soon dry most of the water off the car and leave me with only a small amount of cleaning to perform.

On arrival at Gaydon, it was what can only be described as chaos. The museum had obviously forgotten all about our little soiree and conveniently parked several of their own vehicles in a large space destined for the Club’s own site. Not content with this, there were stands all around the car park noting the legend “Citroen DS Club”.  Shock, horror, as cars began to arrive it became obvious that the number of cars turning up far outweighed expectants. It was estimated that no more than 40 cars would be there. In the end, 150 cars turned up including 19 XJS’s, so thank you all for your support. Hastily Peter Simpson and his daughter, Peter was responsible for organising the event, swung into action moving the offending Citroen bollards and the Museum’s own cars allowing everyone to get on the allotted parking space.

There were Jaguars and Daimlers of all shapes and sizes, and it was really great to walk around looking at enthusiasts’ pride and joys. Modern cars, XK8’s and XJS’s seemed to predominate the scene, but there were also a few Mk2’s and some 420’s and MK7 and 9’s as well.

The superb Museum Café did a roaring trade in cooked breakfasts, well worth the price as is all of their meals – yes I have sampled a few… and Jonathan Partridge, Vehicle Collection and Communications Manager for Jaguar Heritage gave a sterling speech and tour of the Jaguar collection.

Even the weather cleared up to a lovely sunny warmish day, which put a smile on everyone’s faces.

The event is now scheduled for the first Saturday in the month from now until September and we hope to see you at the next one – 7th May 2016

Simply turn up at around 09.30, park your Jaguar/Daimler and enjoy what the Museum has to offer.

British Motor Museum