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Old cars, new cars, borrowed cars and blue cars …… if it steers it’s here!

Wheels-Alive covers new car appraisals, technical aspects of new and old vehicles, historical features, money-saving tips and much about having fun with old/classic cars – including driving them as well as mending them!


Wheels Alive Editor, Kim Henson, sums up the aims of the  WHEELS ALIVE website

Essentially our site aims to provide a happy ‘home’ for readers/viewers in terms of covering information and reviews of both new models and classics, plus some technical aspects to help readers keep their cars on the road and running properly, while also saving cash, and to try to capture the ‘fun’ of motoring (even today, but in a similar manner to the printed magazines of years gone by).

Hence (for example) our ‘Motoring For Fun’ section, in which we cover visits to interesting and picturesque areas at home and abroad, in both new and old cars.

We have a band of well-respected contributors, all of whom are passionate about cars and motoring.

We often include slightly off-beat articles of interest, to add a bit of spice to the mix.

The site is for long-time car enthusiasts, new recruits to the motoring scene and those who, so far, may just have a passing interest.

Wheels-Alive has serious intent, but deliberately doesn’t take itself too seriously…

We have a real enthusiasm and passion for cars and motoring. Please sit back, read, look and enjoy…


Wheels Alive