November 2016 News Round Up

Howard Hunt (XJ40 Press Cars) and Ann Masterson (Dunkeld Hotel Reception Manageress) at Glen Lyon

Welcome to the latest Xclusively Jaguar News Round Up!

This month’s cover picture features Howard Hunt (XJ40 Launch Co-ordinator, Special Vehicle Preparation, Press Cars) and Ann Masterson (Dunkeld House Hotel Reception Manageress), as they were when they met at the XJ40 launch in 1986. Our recent anniversary celebrating 30 years since production of the XJ40 began, has triggered an amazing amount of interest in the model that saved Jaguar !!

We have one feature this month relating to the XJ40 Press Launch Fleet, entitled XJ40 Prototype Survivor and Ann Hunt has now sent in a newspaper cutting relating to how she and Howard met, and later married – this I have added to the original Dunkeld 2016 feature, in order to keep everything together.

Updates have also been added to XJ40 30th Anniversary Celebration at Dunkeld, Scotland – 28th and 29th August 2016 in Brucie’s Diary: September 2016



Jaguar XJ40 3.2S

With the growing interest in XJ40’s, which are featuring in all the Jaguar news at the moment, you might be interested in this stunning, low mileage 3.2S, with investment potential, currently for sale via Jaguar Select

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October 2016

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1954 Monte Carlo Rally, Sir Stirling Moss: “I had to make up time and was descending a steepish hill on 12” [30cm] of packed snow and ice at about 120kms when suddenly I saw the ice had gone on an 8ft bridge at the bottom, thereby leaving a 12” ridge of ice. We hit this and for a moment I thought the car was going end over end. Actually we hit it so hard that the tyres flattened and the rims were dented from the front.”

A. True quote

B. False quote

Having found it quite impossible to communicate by speech in the open SLR, Stirling and ‘Jenks’ devised their system of hand signals. Basically, Jenks would stretch out his left arm as though he was pointing down the road ahead. For braking, the intensity required was indicated by the speed at which he raised and lowered his arm with his palm horizontal. Slow movement meant that only gentle braking was required, but rapid action indicated heavy braking was necessary. If the hand was turned to be vertical, that meant flat out.

C. True

D. False

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Meguiar's Meguiar’s News and Latest Offers

See Meguiar’s at the NEC Classic Motor Show

11th to 13th November 2016


Urgent request from XJS Club: Are you in the south east UK? A well known motoring journalist, Andrew Noakes, is looking for a pre-facelift V12 XJS, preferably 70’s or early 80’s, so probably pre HE? The car is required for a photo shoot, at Longcross in Surrey, on Friday 4th of November. If you can help, please contact the journalist direct. Andrew Noakes Freelance motoring writer and Chairman, The Guild of Motoring Writers Tel 01584 823340

Mob 07980 293539 Email Web Twitter @andrewnoakes

Dunkeld Update: The November 2016 issue of Jaguar World Monthly and the October 2016 issue of Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club magazine both have reports on the XJ40 30th Anniversary held at Dunkeld in August 2016
October 2016 News from JEC Shropshire and Welsh Borders Region sent courtesy of David Bates
E-type and F-type head on!E-type versus F-type! I love this picture from the November 2016 issue of E-type Magazine – I think the bloodline is clearly visible! What are your views? Which would you choose?
Looking Back ….. Jaguar and Daimler Replacement Handbooks – this post first appeared in Xclusively Jaguar News – January 2011 and has now been updated with new information
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