Brucie’s Diary: March 2018

Current mileage: 172,279

Celebrating Brucie’s 21st Birthday

Date of manufacture: 10th March 2018

Date of despatch: 24th March 1997

Date of first registration:  25th March 1997


Just a few snippets taken from Brucie’s life so far, to celebrate …… 21 years of Brucie!

Brucie's disaster fund To celebrate Brucie’s 21st birthday, we cracked open his ‘Disaster Fund’ pot, so should a disaster befall him, he now has a bit of money put by to get him sorted out! We thought that was an appropriate way to celebrate 21 years since Brucie rolled off of the production line at Browns Lane!
Brucie with XJ13 May 2013

Brucie and XJ13 at The Mike Hawthorn Museum

(that’s the real XJ13 – not a recreation!)

Brucie ready for Windsor! May 2017

All wrapped up and ready for an early start the following morning to the Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival

Brucie in the Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival Brucie in Windsor High Street opposite the Townhall where my partner, Rob Jenner, as part of his commentary on the parade, relates some of the history of my car and the important part it played in making the concept of the Royal Windsor Jaguar Parade reality.
Brucie mileage entering Windsor Castle May 2017 Drivng into The Quadrangle at Windsor Castle, I noticed other people taking pictures, so I decided to record this unique event with a couple of quick snaps! Although not recorded, it is precisely 12 noon on Saturday 6th May 2017

Brucie mileage entering Windsor Castle May 2017


Brucie’s mileage (170474) on 1st July 2017


Brucie’s average mpg on the same day

Brucie mileage 11th July 2017

300 miles later on 11th July 2017

Brucie average mpg 11th July 2017

Average mpg improving with age!

 Jaguar X300 average mpg September 2017

Returning from Hull where Brucie had undergone a full engine flush, plus change of oil, filter and spark plugs – I think the results speak for themselves!


I have also updated all of Brucie’s past diary entries with recorded mileage at time of diary.


On 21st March we travelled down to David Marks Garage to help out on the JEC stand at the NEC, which proved to be great fun and very successful – here is the report on the Restoration Show 2018