Brucie’s Diary: July 2018

Practical Classics Magazine

Maserati 228 at Bamburgh Castle In May 2018 my newly acquired Maserati 228 (Zambooka) sneaked into Brucie’s Diary when we joined the Practical Classics Tour at Bamburgh Castle.

Brucie’s Diary: May 2018

This month, Zambooka and I made it into Practical Classics magazine with the picture below, by Matt Howells, as car number 16 on page 34 in a special feature on some of the more memorable cars that joined the Practical Classics team on their way around Britain earlier this year.

Letitia Mace, Maserati 228, Bamburgh Castle



Wroxall Abbey – 29th June to 1st July 2018

My view of Wroxall was slightly different to most other people’s view.


Friday 29th June 2018

Setting up for the Timeline on Friday we used Brucie and Opium and borrowed David Marks pre-production XJ40 using the 3 cars as full-size templates and moving them gradually across the allocated area. It was great fun, as I did most of the parking and Rob did most of the marking! Despite the heat, the cars all did very well standing around and idling all morning – not bad for two old Forty’s and a high mileage X300.

Brucie, Opium and D38BRW at Wroxall

Brucie at Wroxall Jaguar XJ40 D38BRW and Opium


The Champagne Reception was due to be held that evening on the terrace behind Wroxall Abbey, so when we had finished, Rob and I put Brucie and Opium out on the lawn as a centre piece.

Brucie and Opium at Wroxall

Brucie and Opium at Wroxall Brucie and Opium at Wroxall


Saturday 30th June 2018

On Saturday morning Rob and I were involved in seeing the entrants for the tours off on the tulip rally. David officially handed over the keys to his pre-production XJ40 to Howard Hunt who, in his role at Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Preparations would have driven the same car many years before David even owned it. Howard’s co-driver, David Bakewell would have driven the same cars even before Howard, finally handing them over to Howard for final assessment! Today, Howard and his co-driver would be using D38BRW as ‘course car’ for the tours of Warwickshire.

David Marks hands over pre-production XJ40 to Howard Hunt and Dave Bakewell


Howard and his wife Ann had spent many hours during the build up to Wroxall working out the routes, along with anecdotes, based on the test routes used by Jaguar Cars (and other Coventry based motor companies). At the very last minute, Ann had been taken seriously ill and was in hospital instead of being at Wroxall.

Due to ongoing and ever changing roadworks, a final run on the day preceding the event revealed a 48 hour road closure. Howard swiftly re-wrote the relevant part of the directions but had no time to print them off, so while he drove off ahead of the entrants, Vicky Horlor arranged for the directions to be reprinted at Wroxall Abbey in reception, and when these were done, Rob and I drove Opium to Burton Dassett Country Park to meet up with Howard and hand over the fresh details.

Jaguars at Burton Dassett Country Park

Pre-production Jaguar XJ40 D38BRW at Burton Dassett Country Park D38BRW and Opium at Burton Dassett Country Park

Burton Dassett Country Park is a favourite venue for photoshoots used by Jaguar Cars and many other companies, so I took the opportunity to get some pictures of Opium and D38BRW while I was there.


Sunday 1st July 2018

On Sunday morning Rob and I marshalled the XJ’s into position on the field. We then moved onto the Courtyard to ensure that everyone was parked up in the correct order ready for David Marks presentation.

I spent the first half of the presentation in the courtyard so that I could listen to David as he spoke about the XJ40, using Opium as an example of this model.

Then it was time to prepare for the Timeline Parade, which meant rounding up drivers and making sure they understood what was expected of them.

I briefly saw a few members on the field later in the afternoon, watched the concours presentation, and saw the racing car finale in the arena at the end of the show.

Rob drove Brucie back from the field to the carpark outside Wroxall Abbey, escorting David Marks in D38BRW and we parked Brucie and Opium together on the grass for Sunday night, before leaving on Monday morning.

The Timeline Parade entries are recorded in a separate post: Wroxall Abbey


Monday 2nd July 2018

Jaguar XJ40 E604JJU at Browns Lane Heritage (JDHT) Jaguar XJ40 E604JJU at Sturgess of Leicester
Jaguar XJ40 E604JJU at Sturgess of Leicester with Chris Sturgess and Letitia Mace Brucie and Juno at Jaguar Classic, Ryton
Juno at SNG Barratt 1988 Jaguar XJ40


Bringing Juno (E604 JJU) Home

The day after we had finished with the Wroxall event we collected our recently purchased ex-Jaguar Heritage 3.6 XJ40 from David Marks Garage in Nottingham and set off on the long journey home via Jaguar Classic and SNG Barratt –  and this is recorded here: Juno