SOLD: X300 XJR Manual


Rare and sought after manual X300 XJR in need of restoration

Price: £2,500

SOLD: 1994 X300 XJR Manual

VIN 730618

One of only 102 rhd built, this Supercharged X300 Manual is rare and sought after!

Following our very successful XJR Manual Day in August of this year, Xclusively Jaguar is very fortunate that 2 of our readers have opted to put their very rare cars on the market. This one is drivable, but in need of work, making it affordable now as a future project and the other one is in good drivable condition. It is thought that approximately only 40 of these sought after cars survive today, hence the huge resale premium they attract, relative to other X300 variants.

Buy this one at a bargain price and rebuild it yourself, or buy one in good road-going condition HERE


Paint Sapphire (Blue)
Interior Oatmeal
157,000 miles from new
2 black keys and 1 fob
Jaguar Radio with Code plus 6 CD player
17” XJR Alloy Wheels
Full size spare wheel
Heritage Certificate & Vehicle features enquiry
XJR mesh grilles
Early car with no NSF glove box
Full tool kit
Handbooks see below
Rubber mat in boot (not Jaguar but good fit)
Traction control
New head lining
New battery January 2019


Date Mileage Service and MOT History
21/11/94 From heritage certificate date of manufacture
29/11/94 From heritage certificate date of despatch
From heritage certificate car supplied by Stratstone Manchester M743 ONF
05/12/94 Date of first registration & delivery
30/06/95 11,087 Service 1 year or 10,000 miles
09/01/96 22,847 Service 2 years or 20,000 miles
20/06/96 31,348 Service 3 years or 30,000 miles
03/03/97 43,992 Service 4 years or 40,000 miles
Service 5 years or 50,000 miles not recorded
03/12/97 58,980 Service 6 years or 60,000 miles
12/06/98 67,972 Service 7 years or 70,000 miles
28/10/98 77,210 Service 8 years or 80,000 miles
08/04/99 87,547 Service 9 years or 90,000 miles
29/12/99 100,593 Service 10 years or 100,000 miles
07/08/00 108,799 Service 11 years or 110,000 miles
MoT expires March 2020


 Further Information

Current owner since 21/2/2009 mileage then 145,496

7 keepers from new

MOT certificates from 2009

Tax discs from 2006


Handbooks present

Service Record & Warranty JJM 10 17 99/50 (Replacement continuation book but includes all info above)

Drivers handbook                   JJM 10 02 12/70

Vehicle care                            JJM 10 16 12/60

Maintenance schedules           JJM 10 23 12/60

Sound system                          JJM 10 21 12/50

Security system                       JJM 10 22 12/60

Total Care                               JJM 10 29 99/70

Jaguar Mechanical Insurance

Harwoods of Sussex Dealer Broker


I fitted/to fit

Overhauled clock in stock? not fitted

Revised Crank Sensor Bracket Possibly in stock not fitted

Replacement radio (code known) fitted

Stainless bolts to both bumper mounts fitted (rear trims currently not fitted but with car)

Front callipers overhauled with new seals & pistons and fitted

New front discs fitted


What has been done

All interior has been out and floor welded both sides

Rear wheel arches were welded up with XJ40 repair panels when I first got the car.

One side light feeds the other as there was a broken wire in the loom somewhere.

They are connected together at the lamp control module anyway so this is quite acceptable.

Supercharger Oil replaced. Supercharger had been replaced not long before I bought the car.


Others fitted

13/09/16 New headlining £185 + VAT for fit only as I supplied new headlining on back board.


What doesn’t work/needs doing

Paint lacquer worn through

New sump to fit

Timing gear idler bolt fell out. Removed from sump. Some new parts available

Air con new drier and condenser supplied with car

Offside front wing holed. Good wing supplied with car

Near side front wing holed.

Replacement front spoiler under front bumper (I have one in stock)

Exhaust manifolds cracked (I have 2 in stock)

Offside inner plastic wing needs replacing (I have one in stock)

Boot release button doesn’t work (Micro switch in stock)

Gear lever floppy. Rubber mounts failed or bracket loose.


What is good

There have never been any problems with emissions on MOT. It has always been to the same MOT station in my ownership.

Recent MOT, expires March 2020. Only problem was handbrake and small hole in inner sill front off side which cost £20 to have welded. Handbrake completely rebuilt with new discs & brake shoes and is now excellent.



When I acquired the car it had a personalised plate which was unsuitable. (J4 GNV)

DVLA issued the current number but not the original number which is surprising as that is what normally happens. At the same time I did another car and that ended up with its original number.


Price: £2,500

Email Charles Milne Atkinson or phone  +44 7971 883083