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Xclusively Jaguar is now a regular contributor to the Jaguar Drivers Club magazine.

This is a record of the entries in the Jaguar Drivers Club magazine, for your interest and information.


March 2020 – Club News – Page 14/15
February 2020 – Club News – Page 12/13 A few details about Xclusively Jaguar based on my current presentation – a full view of the page and a close up
January 2020 – Club News – Page 10 Greeting the new year with requests for cars for events in 2020 – a full view of the page and a close up
December 2019 Autumn Spares Day – Page 16-18
For this issue JDC magazine editor, Gaynor Cauter, added to my report on Spares Day with her own introduction to bring together a 3 page feature with pictures by Gaynor Cauter, Roger Kemp and myself
November 2019  Club News – Page 11/12
This month I report on the Great North Classic Car Show held near Newcastle and invite entries for next year’s event to be held on 4th July 2020 at the same venue.
October 2019 – Club News – Page 11/12 As a follow-up to last month’s contribution, I reported on Jim Randle’s funeral – a sad but touching occasion.
September 2019

Heritage News – Page 11/12

Last month I was asked to contribute to the magazine with my personal memories of Jim Randle.


August 2019 – Club News – Page 12
JDC Areas

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If you have any invitations or news that you would like to spread beyond a JDC audience in order to encourage new members, please send details to (along with relevant pictures, if you wish) for addition to the next issue of Xclusively Jaguar News.

These are standing invitations.

I was invited to go to Norway in June to do a presentation on Xclusively Jaguar at the Norsk Jaguar Klubb Annual Assembly in Alesund.

My presentation went out to a large audience and I was very pleased with the response, particularly from the ladies who were impressed that I had taken on something which is still dominated by men. Gaynor Cauter will appreciate my thoughts as she will encounter the same challenges in her work!

I would be happy to repeat my presentation to any JDC Areas who may be interested. Please contact me at to discuss dates etc.



July 2019 Club News – Page 13/14
Jaguar Drivers’ Club

Last month Norman Dewis was, quite rightly, the focus of ‘Jaguar Driver’ magazine and Xclusively Jaguar contributed to this with a personal view of Norman.

Jaguar Drivers’ Club

June 2019 Club Events – Page 14
Jaguar Drivers’ Club

I’m very pleased to say that Xclusively Jaguar was again invited to contribute to ‘Jaguar Driver’ magazine for the June 2019 issue.

Jaguar Drivers’ Club

May 2019 Club News – Page 11

In the May 2019 issue of the Jaguar Drivers Club magazine, Chairman, Michael Byng announced the formation of a new partnership between Xclusively Jaguar and the Jaguar Drivers Club, latest sponsors of Xclusively Jaguar.

Fittingly, the announcement was made on the Jaguar Drivers Club News page in the first issue of the newly revamped Jaguar Drivers Club magazine, now under the skilful and forward looking editorship of Gaynor Cauter.


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