AWML 2018 Report

The Andrew Whyte Memorial Lecture 2018 Report

Pictures by Roger Kemp and Letitia Mace

Report by Letitia Mace


At the end of last year, the AWML took place on Sunday 25th November 2018 at the usual venue, The Jaguar Visitor Centre in Castle Bromwich, where Bob Beecham has organized and hosted this event for many years with the assistance of fellow JDC members.

A very well put together, and deservedly well supported event, as we have all come to expect!


Our host, Bob Beecham, introduced the lecture with an explanation on what to expect for the afternoon, which charities it would be supporting, a brief insight into the guest speakers, and a nod of respect to the late Keith Trotter who started the AWML many years ago.

Bob took to the stage once more, following our lunch break, with A Tribute to Andrew Whyte, giving us a brief biography of Andrew Whyte and the history of the lectures named in his honour.

This year’s speakers were:

  1. Graham Wilkins – Jaguar I-Pace
  2. Kev Riches – Jaguar D-type Continuation
  3. Bob Beecham – Tribute to Andrew Whyte (and history of the lectures)
  4. Captain Ian Groom MBE and Neil Holm – Building the Nations Flagships
Graham Wilkins

Jaguar I-Pace Chief Engineer

Jaguar Land Rover

Graham Wilkins did an excellent presentation on the I-Pace to the point where those of us who were very dubious about this new technology have seen it in a new light and been persuaded to take a test drive.

Report to follow in due course!


Kev Riches

Chief Development Engineer

Jaguar Land Rover Classic

Continuation Projects started 5 years ago

Lightweight E-type x 6 (2013-15)

XKSS x 9 (2015-18)

D-type x 25 (2018-20)

Kev Riches excellent presentation, took us through the entire Classic Works programme from the first continuation cars to projected future continuation models!
Finally focussing on the current D-type programme and how this challenging project is progressing to date.

Start of Project

Determine Prototype specification and start planning build activity and build
(Confirm customer requirements)

Obtain and scan vehicles

Define vehicle and specification options

Define Bill of Materials and establish Engineering, build plan and timing

Challenges of the project

No carry over parts from trackside as they did in period

Expectations of customers for a new D-type

How to keep it original but improve quality to todays expectations

Level of searching required in archives for original specifications/drawings

Level of reverse engineering required

Post prototype Learning

  • Parts availability
  • Quality of parts
  • What should we re-engineer
  • Build issues – define process
  • Timing
  • Authenticity
  • Quality

Performance and key attributes – do they meet target?

Identify improvements and build into production plan

Customer feedback …!!!

Team Challenge

To build 25 D-types of two different types – (with some bespoke to customers)

Task bigger than XKSS in terms of volume, but lots of learning gained

As previous projects, needs to be authentic with parts interchangeable with period cars

Need to learn from XKSS experience

Need to gel and develop new team members

Learn from things gone wrong from each person – Listen and apply fix

Standardise approach


I unashamedly admit that, for me, Kev Riches presentation was the highlight of the lecture this year! The quality of the other presentations was no less, but the D-type won over!


Main Speaker:

Captain Ian Groom MBE

PWLS Client Director


Supported by:

Neil Holm

PWLS Programme Director

In a move away from motoring subjects, the main speakers joint presentation was Building the Nations Flagships.

The link here is with JLR, who have supported the build of these ships.

The talk discussed the challenges of building the UK’s largest and most complex warships. How the UK industrial base has met those challenges, and the future role of the ships, including how they will be used to promote UK innovation and industry globally.


And last, but not least, Stewart Spencer recently found one of his long forgotten pictures and brought it along to the AWML – Rob and I were hoping that he would auction it so that we could have a chance to buy it, but Stewart would not be persuaded to part with it!

This is another of Stewart’s pictures. He drew this one as a gift for Jim Randle at the launch of XJ40.
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