January 2019 News Round Up


Welcome to the latest Xclusively Jaguar News Round Up!

We start the new year with a cover picture sent to me by well-known Jaguar author and journalist Paul Skilleter. The picture features Paul’s son, Eben Skilleter in a 3.8 E-type fixedhead coupe, beautifully restored by Dase Engineering in Hampshire, close to where Eben lives in Barton-on-Sea.

Eben Skilleter is an award-winning maker of narrative short films and he has scripted a very interesting one which involves an E-type, entitled Archie’s Last Drive

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Happy New Year!


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Brucie’s Diary

Having announced last month that Brucie’s Diary, as a regular feature, was to come to an end, I immediately received the following response from Paul Waite in Sydney, Australia, which read:


I am a member of the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia .

I eagerly look forward to your monthly email and the very first article I always look at is Brucie’s Diary.

As such I am very disappointed that it will no longer be a regular feature.”


I was very touched to think that Brucie’s Diary was going to be missed, and responded thus:

“Hi Paul,

I was really touched by your email – I thought I was the only one who cared about Brucie’s Diary!

I will gauge response and re-assess if necessary.

Effectively, none of the content will change, as I often put event reports and accounts of other Jaguars etc into Brucie’s Diary.

Life is changing, Brucie is no-longer my only Jaguar, and although it is lovely to have him as a figurehead, I often wonder if it should now be ‘Brucie, Opium and Juno’s Diary’ ??”


Hi Letitia

It was unexpected pleasure to receive your email. I certainly had not expected a reply from yourself.

As mentioned I am a member of the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia (JDCA) We are a club based in Sydney and have been here for over 50 years.

We have over 600 members but if you include partners the number is over 1000.

The club has its own monthly colour magazine and runs many events each year both social and racing.

Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia

While some members do have new model Jaguars I would say that the predominant number of members have older model Jags going back to models from the 1940s.

I have a “platinum” 2002 X type . It seems it was one of the first 2.1s to be brought into the country.

I bought it in April 2011 as the second owner and it has now done the equivalent of about 64,000 miles.

Being used for pleasure purposes including the events run by the club.

Personally I have more interest in older Jaguar models and had a great time visiting the Classic Works at Coventry last year.

It’s marvellous all of the car restorations they are doing and it is excellent that they are going to teach young people how to restore older cars in the traditional ways.

My car being of that age and having bought it just after you bought Brucie I really enjoy reading about his everyday life and services that he had, including any problems that needed to be resolved as they may in time be relevant to my Jag.

I am sure it must be of interest to others with similar age cars as well.

Also while the magazine does cover many items in detail for an overseas person it is really good to get a overview of some of the events in the diary.

Last Saturday 1st December was the first day of summer. I took my car for a drive and there were so many classic cars out making the most of such nice weather. I even stopped in a car park in the country to have a chat with another Jag driver who happened to be there.

Last April the annual National Jaguar Rally was held in the Barossa Valley near Adelaide everyone had a great time there.

Well I am not sure if this is the information you were hoping for but I have enjoyed writing to you.

Kindest Regards

Paul Waite


Hi Paul,

Thankyou for your response.

These days I have more to do than I have time for, hence the delay in replying and my decision to restrict the amount I am committed to putting into the newsletter under the title of Brucie’s Diary.

Please do not mis-understand, all my reports will remain as before, however, sometimes a report is independent, such as ‘NEC 2018 Show Report’ and at other times I add it to Brucie’s Diary because I have nothing to report on Brucie that month. Is it really relevant to Brucie if we took another one of our Jaguars to that event, and Brucie wasn’t even there?

I also struggle with the relevance of putting reports on Opium and Juno in Brucie’s Diary.

Hence my decision to report on all items independently of Brucie unless directly related to Brucie.

I hope this clears up any mis-understanding?


What do other people think about the content of Brucie’s Diary over the years?

Should it change, or remain the same?

Should the name change to embrace Opium, Juno and other Xclusively Jaguar cars?

Please email Letitia@xclusively-jaguar.co.uk and let me have your thoughts.



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Edinburgh & S E Scotland JEC Regional News – December 2018


December saw us at our annual Christmas dinner, a great night out at Craigielaw Golf Club once more.


Our AGM will be held on the evening of our next meeting – 29th January 2019, 8pm sharp, at The Mercat Grill, Whitecraig, EH21 8PG.

Please do come along to support YOUR region and have YOUR say!

The new committee will put together our 2019 plan of events after the AGM, so come along with ideas for events – where YOU would like to go, what YOU would like to see and do !!



Jaguar Club Newsletters

Many of the regional club newsletters contain information which is nationally or internationally relevant to Jaguar/Daimler owners, so, if your Jaguar club (regional, national, JEC, JDC, independent, register etc) publishes an internet based newsletter, we are happy to add the link to this page, provided it reaches us in time for our next issue.

Shropshire and Welsh Borders JEC Region – January 2019

South Wales JEC Region – December 2018


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