JDC: October 2019 Update

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Jaguar Drivers Club: October 2019 Update


Classic Motor Show Discounted Tickets

JDC members can book tickets for the Classic Motor Show at the NEC (8 – 10 November) at a discounted rate!

Contact the JDC office for full details of how to join the JDC and benefit from this discount!


Jaguar Drivers Club Magazine: September 2019

Last month I was asked to contribute to the magazine with my personal memories of Jim Randle.


JDC Areas

If your monthly newsletter is sent out via Mailchimp, please add Letitia@exclusively-jaguar.co.uk to your mailing list and I will add a link to each addition of my monthly news round up in Xclusively Jaguar News.

If you have any invitations or news that you would like to spread beyond a JDC audience in order to encourage new members, please send details to Letitia@exclusively-jaguar.co.uk (along with relevant pictures, if you wish) for addition to the next issue of Xclusively Jaguar News.

These are standing invitations.

I was invited to go to Norway in June to do a presentation on Xclusively Jaguar at the Norsk Jaguar Klubb Annual Assembly in Alesund.

My presentation went out to a large audience and I was very pleased with the response, particularly from the ladies who were impressed that I had taken on something which is still dominated by men. Gaynor Cauter will appreciate my thoughts as she will encounter the same challenges in her work!

I would be happy to repeat my presentation to any JDC Areas who may be interested. Please contact me at Letitia@exclusively-jaguar.co.uk to discuss dates etc.


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