TWR XJ Series 3


Last May, when Tor Bottelfsen came from Norway to Blenheim Palace in his TWR Series 3 XJ, Åsmund Lindal, editor of the Norsk Jaguar Klubb magazine, travelled as co-driver.

At this event, Tony Merrygold approached Rob and myself with the idea of presenting a special ‘Trust Trophy’ to ‘something special’, as Tony put it, anything rare or unusual that caught his eye and captured the spirit of Jaguar. This, he said, was to be the 1st of such awards to be offered annually at major events.

Rob and I agreed that this was an excellent idea, so Tony went off to have a look at the cars at Blenheim. Returning some time later he said he was quite taken by a TWR Series 3 XJ, a model he had never come across before, so he wanted our thoughts and advice.

We were able to confirm the authenticity of the car and introduce him to the owner, Tor Bottolfsen, who had driven the car to Blenheim from Norway. Tony felt that this was even more well deserved, as the car was clearly fit for purpose!


On returning to Norway, Åsmund did a superb 10 page feature on the event in the Norsk Jaguar Klubb magazine

Blenheim Palace