Brucie’s Diary: July 2012

International Jaguar Weekend – Weston Park

Brucie with Jaguar XJ220 Prototype at Weston Park June 2012Brucie gets as close as he dare to the Prototype XJ220 !!!


The 20th anniversary celebrations for the XJ220 were a huge success and Brucie enjoyed being a part of International Jaguar Weekend, where he met up with all of his Jaguar relations!

It’s strange to think that despite having more than just the name Jaguar in common, Brucie has probably never been face to face with an XJ220 before !!

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SNG Barratt Open Day

As part of International Jaguar Weekend, SNG Barratt opened its doors to customers and guests.

Brucie at SNG Barratt Open Day 2012Brucie was among the many Jaguars who attended the SNG Barratt Open Day on Saturday 23rd June


The Open Day at SNG Barratt was extremely well attended, and very worthwhile! The main car-park overflowed with an ever changing display of interesting Jaguars, with the odd Aston Martin thrown in for novelty! Brucie had been reserved a space in “pole position” as Rob Jenner described it, right next to the main gate, where you couldn’t miss him! The more rare the model, the more chance you had of getting into the main car park, and Colin Manconi stole the show by arriving in his XJ220 – other Jaguars were relegated to another car park across the road, so there were plenty to see !!

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