Brucie’s Diary: April 2011

Current mileage: 134,828

DVLA and Car Colours
Is the colour of YOUR Jaguar correctly recorded on the logbook (V5)?

It is not unknown for details, such as the colour, to be incorrect on the V5!

Some Jaguar owners have contacted me with concerns over this, and the possibility of being pulled over by the Police and questioned on the matter!

When I purchased Brucie his colour was recorded on the V5 as being BLUE, when clearly he is GREEN, a fact which can be confirmed by reference to the Jaguar Paint Code on the plate which records the Vehicle Identification Number.

I wrote to DVLA, amending the document as required and with a covering letter stating that the car had not been resprayed, but the colour had previously been wrongly recorded. I quoted the Paint Code and stated that I was happy to have the vehicle inspected if required. The DVLA accepted my word on the matter and duly amended the V5.

So Brucie is now officially GREEN !!