Brucie’s Diary: August 2011

Current mileage: 136,226

A Repeat Gearbox Service!
Last month, while Brucie was up on the ramp, having his wheel bearings attended to, it became apparent that the oil leak from the gearbox had not been cured. This could have been for several reasons

  1.  An electrical plug which fits into the gearbox was not quite snug.
  2. The price of the sump gasket suggested that it was not genuine Jaguar and these have been known to be less pliable and therefore not fit properly.
  3. The bolts may have been over-tightened, pinching the gasket and rendering it useless.

I was unconcerned by the cause, so long as it could be remedied. I ordered a new sump gasket, this time from Jaguar Classic Parts, so that I could be sure that it was a genuine Jaguar part – the price of this “genuine part” was a bit of a shock, so I hoped that all would go well and it would be worth it! A date was fixed for a second transmission fluid change, and in view of the fact that this gearbox may have missed a scheduled oil change, I was not too fussed, as the exercise meant that it had been flushed through and this time, hopefully, all would be well. The mechanic noted that the electrical plug was loose, so it may prove that this is the problem, if the oil leak is not cured this time. The recently replaced filter was flushed through, before replacing it with the new oil and fitting up the new gasket, so Brucie should be good for another 2 years before his next scheduled transmission fluid change – and next time it won’t be missed out!