Brucie’s Diary: February 2011

Current mileage: 133,605

I purchased Brucie on 4th November 2010 with 2 months MOT and my fingers crossed! Before the MOT it was obvious that the brakes needed attention, and 2 tyres were replaced. The engine oil and filter were changed, as the next service was overdue. The next step was the MOT, due on 5th January 2011, and this went smoothly, with only one advisory, referring to a corroded rear brake pipe.

Mileage on purchase: 132,693

Verified mileage prior to purchase

Date Mileage Verified by
25/03/1997 30 miles Service Record
19/11/1997 10,110 miles Service Record
11/06/1998 19,933 miles Service Record
27/01/1999 30,294 miles Service Record
05/08/1999 40,509 miles Service Record
31/01/2000 49,673 miles Service Record
30/08/2000 60,344 miles Service Record
07/08/2001 69,829 miles Service Record
30/08/2002 78,949 miles Service Record
12/11/2003 88,849 miles Service Record
13/02/2004 91,150 miles Meads of Burnham sales log
01/02/2006 104,481 miles MOT
05/02/2007 110,489 miles MOT
05/02/2007 110,491 miles re-MOT
04/02/2008 115,284 miles MOT
05/02/2008 115,284 miles Service Record
28/01/2009 120,870 miles MOT
06/01/2010 126,799 miles MOT
07/10/2010 131,972 miles Beechdown sales log


Fortunately, although Brucie’s first owner didn’t keep any old MoT certificates, he did have Brucie regularly serviced at reputable Jaguar Main Dealers, which also served to record the mileage. The second owner was not so particular about servicing, but by this time MoT records were all recorded online so I was able to download copies of them and verify the mileage.