Brucie’s Diary: July 2011

Current mileage: 135,849

X300 Wheel Bearings
Wheel bearings were also on my list, as I guessed they were probably well overdue for renewal and I had no idea of whether or not they had received recent attention. Just as I was plucking up courage to suggest their renewal to my husband, Brucie took the situation in hand once again, and started whining! Riled by his whining, my husband began scanning the internet for a replacement Jaguar, in preference to replacement wheel bearings! Normally, I weaken at the thought of a new Jaguar, however, this time I dug my heals in, so he sent me up to see a Jaguar specialist, who confirmed that the whining was indeed the front wheel bearings – more so the nearside one. Taking the car for a test run, the mechanic explained that straight-away he could hear that the whining was coming from the front and by applying a load to each wheel in turn it was possible to discern which one was the culprit! He could have persuaded me to have both, or all, wheel bearings changed, but his advice was that I would soon know when the rear wheel bearings needed changing and I could even get away with changing just one front wheel bearing if necessary, for the time being! I did however, opt to have both front wheel bearings changed and these came from SNG Barratt – a good product at a competitive price and delivered the next day. In a very short space of time, the whining had became a howling and the noise reverberated through the cabin, making it more like travelling in a van! After the new bearings were fitted, the transformation was remarkable – back to a slick and silent Jaguar !!