Brucie’s Diary: March 2011

Current mileage: 134,103

March 2011

Jaguar X300 Headlamp Powerwash and Chrome Mirror Caps
I always wanted a 1997 long wheel base 4 litre Sovereign in a dark colour, but they are relatively rare and I was drawn to this car by its smooth, responsive engine, and equally smooth gearchange – no problems in that department, and despite its high mileage (134,000 miles at present), at least I know it is genuine, and it has a good service history!

Previous owners have also respected the interior trim but, possibly the last owner, was either a little clumsy or unlucky with where he parked his Jaguar, as the door mirror caps were a little battered, and one of the headlamp powerwash jets was missing.

I have spent the last month looking for the headlamp powerwash jets which sit on the front bumper. I promised Brucie new ones if he passed his MOT – he just doesnt look right without his fangs! What a saga? Apparently they were a rarely specified optional extra and nobody seems to have any in stock………..unless YOU know different?

For the time being we have put “aluminium effect” tape over the holes which accept the powerwash jet housing, as the edges are very sharp and I risk slicing my fingers everytime I wash the bumper chrome! It may not be a Jaguar approved optional extra, but it does look much tidier than two gaping holes!

The good news is that the mirror caps were much easier to source, and desperately needed replacing, as one was badly scuffed and had a hole in it and the other had been brush painted and because it is something your eye is drawn to, they made the car look simply awful!
I contacted my parts supplier, and although I would have settled for Spruce Green mirror caps, as luck would have it, they had a pair of chrome mirror caps which are standard factory fitment for the Daimler X300’s but which I could not resist for my Sovereign – I think they add the final touch!

They supplied the chrome mirror caps, which are truly in mint condition, in sound packaging and advised that in order to fit them you need to put a fine flat screwdriver between the mirror cover and the mirror frame and ease them carefully apart. If you look on the inside of the newly supplied caps you will see that once you unclip a corner it will pull off and you simply push the replacement back into place with the spring clips on the dowels to keep it on. Simple – job done !!!

Next was a new windscreen wiper, as although the one fitted had got Brucie through the MOT, it was not mopping up as effectively as I would wish!

Sadly, someone had also taken Brucie through a carwash at some time in the past, and he had a number of bright blue nylon fibres trapped between the trim strip which runs along the lower swage line. They made him look like he had whiskers (well he is a Jaguar after all) but I couldn’t work out how to remove them without damaging his paintwork. In the end I reverted to eyebrow tweezers – so now he has had a shave, he looks much more respectable!

So, that’s it for this month, apart from road tax – which is one of the less exciting outlays we have to budget for!