Brucie’s Diary: May 2011

Current mileage: 135,016

Brucie and the phone cradle
When I purchased Brucie he had a genuine Jaguar phone cradle attached to the side of the centre console, however, the phone had been removed, and I felt that it was unsightly and obsolete and should be removed! But Brucie was rather attached to his phone cradle – he left the factory with a phone harness, so presumably, he’d had it since birth and he wasn’t going to give it up easily, despite my trying to persuade him on a previous occasion that he no longer needed it! Sunday 17th April, however, I had nothing else planned and decided “today’s the day!”

I removed the appropriate parts from the centre console, and got as far as the ski slope veneer, but Brucie was once again NOT co-operating and refused to let go of his veneer, so I called for back-up, and with me holding the veneer ski slope as far out of the way as possible, my husband Nigel gave Brucie a hard poke with a screwdriver – Brucie let out a loud wail and let go his 14 year hold on his phone cradle – at last!

By way of revenge
I had been compiling a list of jobs which needed doing, and the order in which I intended getting them done, but it would seem that Brucie had his own agenda! Having bought him in November, it was impossible to tell how efficient the air conditioning was – I was just grateful that the heating was working efficiently, but when Spring came and we had our first hot sunny day, it was obvious that the air con needed re-gassing! I called our local air conditioning specialist and booked him in, and when the big day arrived, I hoped that Brucie would not spit all his air con gas out after 6 weeks, like Tiggy had done the first time – but fingers crossed, he is a 1997 X300 designed with 134a in mind, so there shouldn’t be any problem with leaks this time – should there? The air con man fitted the first nozzle and Brucie made a loud hissing noise – I turned to Rob Lane and said “Thats not good is it?” “No” was the answer! So not content with a re-gas, Brucie had decided that he wanted the full treatment – a new condenser with receiver/drier!

I am consoling myself with the fact that these parts are expected to have a 7 year life, so at least I can sit back and (perhaps?) enjoy 7 summers without worrying about my air con failing!

Rob Lane 07754-795853
Rob trained as a mechanic before specializing in air conditioning. He operates throughout South East Devon, coming to you. He has now worked on five of our cars (2 Mercedes and 3 Jaguars) and what impresses me is the respect with which he treats the cars, which is often sadly lacking elsewhere, even when it is obvious that the car is a cherished one! He fitted a new condenser, re-gassed the system and advised me that ideally it should be serviced every 2 years – this is not mentioned in the X300 servicing schedule!