Brucie’s Diary: September 2011

Current mileage: 137,035

Grateful for all the attention he received over the last few months, Brucie settled down and enjoyed his new wheelbearings and clean oil last month! Mind you, I still spent over £200 on him, in the form of a new tax disc – value for money wise it doesn’t look much, but Brucie proudly displayed it on his windscreen!

It has taken me nearly a year, between other tasks, to completely clean all Brucie’s bodywork – working on one panel at a time I have used clay, paint cleaner, medium to fine polish and finally a good quality wax to bring the paintwork back to a standard which now attracts attention for the right reasons! Strangely enough, it has been the ladies who are attracted to Brucie – so, I am not the only woman who likes big shiny Sovereigns!

All being well, Brucie should be at International Jaguar Spares Day this month, and assuming that nothing in the Car Sales Hall catches my eye, he may come home with a few special treats! After that, it will be time to prepare him for the Winter and his impending MOT!