Brucie’s Diary: February 2012

Current mileage: 139,496

The MOT !!!
Brucie had his first attempt at passing the MOT at 10am on Tuesday 4th January. Brucie’s Visual Health Check had thrown up a few areas for concern so when he returned from his MOT with a list of failures I was not too surprised!

The Refusal of an MOT Test Certificate recorded the following failures:
1.    Front windscreen washer provides insufficient washer liquid (o/s jet, only 1 of 2 jets working)
2.    o/s/r registration plate lamp not working
3.    n/s/f headlamp aim too low
4.    o/s/f lower suspension arm ball joint dust cover excessively deteriorated so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt.
5.    n/s/r parking brake recording little or no effort
6.    o/s/r parking brake recording little or no effort
7.    n/s/f brake calliper leaking (this was marked as dangerous!)

Advisories were recorded as follows:
1.    n/s/f wheel bearing has slight play
2.    Unable to see front and rear brake pads clearly. Please check
3.    Suspect slight leak from exhaust system

There followed a discussion, assessment and plan of action!
It had already been decided that whether or not he passed his MOT, the hole in the floorpan needed to be dealt with, so Brucie was sent to Fairweather’s for the floorpan to be welded. The welding (shown below) is amazing. Fairweather’s have always impressed me, and now I have experienced their superior workmanship first-hand on my own Jaguar! Some Jaguars I have seen over the years, have had obvious patches welded to the floorpan, but in this case the repair is very neat.

The hole in the floorpan is just below the sill on the o/s and half-way between the front and rear seats, well away from the seatbelt mounting points – but if left unattended it would gradually spread to the danger zones, aside from being horribly unsightly.
The area to be welded has been marked out in chalk on the first picture, and as can be seen from the picture above, the repair is very neat and the work has been finished off with a good coating of protective sealant.

After the floorpan had been repaired, Brucie was returned by Fairweather’s to the workshop ready for the remaining MOT work to be dealt with.

Meanwhile, parts ordered for the MOT repair work included:
1.    X300 Lower ball-joint (Part Number: JLM 11860 superseded to CAC9937#) from SNG Barratt £17.85 +VAT
2.    X300 Nearside front brake calliper (Part Number: JLM 21470) from SNG Barratt £374.39 +VAT new or £78 re-conditioned.
3.    X300 Rear number plate light assembly (Part number: LNA 5070 AC) from Jaguar Classic Parts £38.20 +VAT.
(Prices as charged at time of publishing).

Taking each item which gave rise to the MOT failure in order, repairs were as follows:

Front windscreen washer provides insufficient washer liquid (o/s jet, only 1 of 2 jets working)
This had been a problem since purchase, and although it was deemed as insufficient this year, it passed last year, and merely required longer operation of the switch in order to allow it to deliver enough liquid to wash the windscreen. Apparently it had been previously damaged and glued back into position, and a new part was required. In my opinion it was previously inconvenient, so it is good to have it working properly and efficiently, at last!

Off-side rear registration plate lamp not working
Upon inspection, the rear number plate light assembly was badly corroded and crumbled away when the bulb was removed, so the complete unit needed replacing in order to persuade a new bulb to work.

Near-side front headlamp aim too low
The balljoint and socket responsible for adjusting headlamp alignment was broken, which meant that the outer near-side headlamp was loose (it would wobble about when the headlamps were washed) and could not therefore retain the alignment setting. This was bonded back into position, which satisfied the MOT requirements, but may need replacement at a later date.

Off-side front lower suspension arm ball joint dust cover excessively deteriorated so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt.

The original dust cover, as shown in this picture, was deemed an MOT failure, as it had split and was therefore unable to do its job of keeping the grease in and the dirt and moisture out!
…….. and this is what it should look like!


Near-side rear parking brake recording little or no effort and off-side rear parking brake recording little or no effort
This required the cleaning of the rear brake drums and shoes and re-adjustment of the handbrake shoes and cable adjustment.

Near-side front brake calliper leaking (considered dangerous!)
The seal behind the calliper piston had failed, thus allowing brake fluid to leak out when pressure was applied.

Leaking brake calliper, of which I was blissfully unaware! Doesn’t look like it’s done my alloy wheel or tyre any favours, does it?
New brake calliper fitted! This wheel now needs to be removed and given a thorough cleaning to minimise longterm damage to tyre and wheel.


Repeat MOT – A PASS !!
…..and I was surprised to see that the new style MOT certificate is basically a printed sheet of A4 in black and white and looks nothing like a certificate. I suppose this is because the official details are available to all for inspection on the DVLA website, so the old-fashioned MOT certificate which we are all used to is of little value now, because lost or faked certificates are no longer an issue!

The next job to tackle is the annual service and some decisions will be made on how and when to tackle the MOT advisories.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)
Paintless Dent Removal also referred to as PDR, is a highly skilled unique process that repairs dents, dings and creases without harming a vehicles factory paint or creating the costly and time consuming need for traditional body shop repairs.

PDR specialist technicians can repair your Jaguar or Daimler use special tools to gain access behind the panels and meticulously work the dent out, restoring the panel to its original form.

Remember that not all Paintless Dent Removal is the same. Your vehicle can be ruined and warranty voided by inexperienced repairers. Make sure you employ the services of a PDR technician who is expertly trained, highly experienced, certified, fully insured and will give you the absolute best repair possible.

Before going for his MOT, Brucie was given a Dent Assessment. It was confirmed that all of Brucie’s dents can be removed by “Paintless Dent Removal” (PDR) which is a very specialised (but much more economical) process. Some of the dent removal will have to be postponed until after the window mechanism has been fixed as the necessary access to the inside of the door panels is gained by lowering the window of the affected door.

In Devon Paintless Dent Removal is carried out by Dent Repair Service which is a fully mobile service and can easily be arranged by contacting Dent Repair Service

More on this topic later, when Brucie is ready to have his dents removed! In the meantime, if you wish to know more, please contact Dent Repair Service direct.

Accident Repair Services
More serious accidental damage will require the services of a reputable body repair shop, such as Fairweather Autoshine– approved by Jaguar (and Aston Martin!).

Fairweather Autoshine was founded in 1984 by Mr. Dennis Fairweather and the company has succeeded in becoming one of Exeter’s premier vehicle accident repair facilities, respected by customers, suppliers and indeed the competition and has built a reputation offering first class service to every customer, whether they be a major insurance company or an individual. Specialising in body repair for prestige cars, they have been awarded an Aston Martin Category A Structural Repair certification.

Owner, Dennis Fairweather still believes in hands-on management and can be found on site every working day, supported by a nucleus of staff that have been with the company many years and appreciate the individual customer’s needs.

As more and more people want to enjoy the freedom of using a motor vehicle, the chance of having an accident becomes more likely. However, with improvements to vehicle safety, many are more of an inconvenience, and unneeded expense, rather than serious.

Fairweather Autoshine aims to keep that inconvenience and repair expense to a minimum, and their highly trained and dedicated staff do all they can to ensure that vehicles are professionally repaired and back on the road as soon as possible.

Fairweather Autoshine handle and repair all makes and all kinds of accident work, specialising in prestige body repair, and are recommended repairers for many of the leading insurance companies. The old adage of requiring three repair estimates no longer applies when you use Fairweather Autoshine, due to the arrangements made with many of the insurance companies.

Only the highest quality products are used in effecting an accident repair.

Other services available include valeting and wheel refurbishment.

Courtesy cars are available by arrangement.

All original Jaguar parts supplied by Jaguar Classic Parts

Other Jaguar parts and accessories supplied by SNG Barratt

Specialist structural work carried out by Fairweather Autoshine

Paintless Dent Removal by Dent Repair Service