Brucie’s Diary: January 2012

Current mileage: 139,157

Following last month’s Visual Health Check Brucie was booked in to a Jaguar Main Dealer to have his engine bay steam cleaned. The upper part was merely cosmetic, in order to take out the hard work of preparing the engine bay for future appearances at Jaguar events. The underside was to be steam cleaned in order to see exactly where the oil leak reported in his Visual Health Check emanates from, so that it can be dealt with at a later date.

Brake and fuel lines were also cleaned off to see if the “corrosion” noted as advisories in the last 4 MOT’s was surface corrosion or something more sinister. Fortunately, once cleaned off, it was considered by the workshop manager that it was only on the surface and a good coating of wax was applied in order to prevent any further deterioration of the fuel and brake lines.

Brucie was returned to me at the end of the day with a squeaky clean engine bay – hopefully, ready to show off at some Jaguar events this year !!

I think that any Jaguar power unit is awesome and deserves to be shown off to best advantage. There is nothing more rewarding than being stopped by strangers in a carpark and complimented on the condition of your Jaguar, by someone who cannot quite believe the age of your car, and then to top it all, you discretely pop the bonnet and lift it and see a further look of dis-belief on their faces. At this point, it wouldn’t do to have a dirty engine bay, now would it?

I like to think that some of them at least will then go out and treat themselves to a Jaguar!

Though not perfect, Brucie’s engine bay was a lot better than expected, once it had been steam cleaned, finished off with engine cleaner, and dressed with a suitable protectant. At least now that all the grime has been removed it is clear what has recently been replaced, and what needs replacing – the exhaust manifold heatshield for starters !!

Next month, Brucie returns for his MOT – this is the scary visit !!