Brucie’s Diary: March 2012

Current mileage: 139,863



Birthday Treat !!!

We all have different ideas of what constitutes a birthday treat, and for me, anything which involves Jaguars is just perfect, so when I was asked to attend a meeting at The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club HQ in Bristol I thought this would be a fantastic birthday!

It was a bitterly cold day, and the last person to drive Brucie was evidently much taller than me, so after pulling out of the garage, I pressed the seat memory button, closed the garage door and returned to find the driver’s seat in the fully reclined position. Being in a hurry, and with ice underfoot, I failed to be amused by Brucie’s totally inappropriate attempt at humour …..especially on my birthday !!

Arriving at the JEC HQ, I was presented with this beautiful bouquet by David Bates (JEC Chairman) and this wonderful birthday gift, I accepted not only for myself but also on behalf of Esta-jane, my daughter, who shares the same birthday! David and I are pictured with (left to right) Brucie (X330), Brave the Bear (Troop Aid) Tony Ridge (JEC PR & Marketing Manager), and Graham Searle (JEC General Manager).


Brucie’s Make-over!

Here’s Brucie, looking rather swish in my opinion, with his own personal “Brave the Bear” riding in the back, and his new “Xclusively Jaguar” chrome number plate surround.
For comparison, the top picture shows Brucie when first purchased, with former registration plate, to emphasize the improvement.
Admittedly, he is a bit cleaner now than he was when first purchased!
Here is a close-up of Brucie’s number plate surround.
A tatty number plate really lets a car down, so I didn’t give VOSA the chance to fail Brucie on his MOT, even though it broke my heart to lose his original “HENLYS” registration plate! Henlys being Lyon’s first franchisee, I was rather proud of Brucie’s origins!
Henlys Jaguar of Hendon are no longer in business, and new laws mean that sadly, I cannot have the numberplate replicated to mimic the original.


To finish off Brucie’s new image, he has a new tax disc holder in dark green to match his paintwork, and a new Jaguar key fob – no wonder Brave the Bear looks so smug as he rides around in the back of his limousine!

Brucie’s next 10,000 mile service is due in March 2012. So next month, as he turns 15 years and 140,000 miles, Brucie is booked in for his first “Main Dealer Service” since 2003.