Brucie’s Diary: May 2012

Current mileage: 140,879

International Jaguar Spares Day


Brucie (and Nigel) basking in the sun outside the main entrance at Stoneleigh,
at International Jaguar Spares Day 2012

A few faces were missing, thwarted by the fuel crisis, no doubt, but our timing was perfect and I had just parked Brucie when I looked up to see Esta-jane arriving – unmistakeable in a Japanese Sports Car at a Jaguar event! Rob Jenner had already seen her, and was shaking his head in disapproval !!


Absolutely fantastic day, as always! Our first port of call – the sales cars, and what an array ….. followed by breakfast baps in the restaurant. On the way there, I bumped into Ian Cooling, then Tony Bailey, and Tony dragged me off to see Norman Dewis!


Norman Dewis and Letitia Mace

Time is too short, to do justice to Spares Day, you’d need a whole weekend, at least! I met up with organizer, John Salway, and then James Blackwell, who was manning the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club “shop” as is his customary role at this event.


Organizer, John Salway


Jaguar Classic Parts were not there (I shall have words!) and Andy Harvey (Just XJS) was unable to wriggle out of work commitments for the event, but hopes to Spring back next year with renewed energy!

Julian Barratt had a nice big box of goodies waiting for Brucie to take home ……more of this later, in “Brucies Diary”. Taking up one side of a “bay” the SNG Barratt stand was meticulously organzied into “micro-departments, with Julian and a selection of staff all on-hand to answer queries, take orders and despatch pre-orders – very impressive, as always!

Gosh, so many people I promised to meet up with, and other impromptu meetings  …..Geoff Adams (Adamesh), Neville and Christine Anderson (Jaguar Spares North East), Carl Jaffer (ICS), Brian McGovern (Jaguar engineer), to name but a few.

There are so many stalls, and each one offering so many parts, that you quickly scan each to see if they have parts relevant to your Jaguar (many traders cover an “era”) and when you see something you want, you have to grab it!

I know I missed a few of those I’d promised to meet up with, however, I did catch up with Paul Skilleter and Julia Simpson, who officially retired after last October’s Spares Day and is now working harder than ever with the museum move and representing Jaguar at various events.

Back in the Sales Hall, where we always pay a customary return visit to check on late arrivals, we found Raffles and Brave on the JEC stand, which provided a hub for meeting up with interesting people, from current JEC Chairman David Bates, Vice Chairman Rob Jenner, and General Manager Graham Searle to Committee Members Simon Cronin, Mike Young and Peter Purdom.

Esta-jane was busy relaying messages and pictures throughout the day via Facebook to those who were unable to attend!



As reported in Brucie’s Diary last month, a coating of Duxback was applied to all the glass on my X330. Of particular interest and importance, was the windscreen. We had some wonderful warm, dry days and Brucie got to International Jaguar Spares Day and home again, without so much as a flick of a wiper blade, so I didn’t really have the opportunity to put Duxback to the test! Of course, all this had to come to an end at some time, and once it started to rain, it came down in bucket loads – non-stop, day after day! The Duxback has now been thoroughly tested, and I can honestly say that it does live up to its claims! I think I have sold it to some of my passengers without even trying or uttering a word, as they could not fail to see the effect, and commented on it as we travelled through heavy rain at 60 mph, with a clear windscreen!

Those who know how highly waxed my Jaguar is, have actually asked me if I polish and wax the windscreen as well, because of the way the rain was just hitting the windscreen and then appeared to vanish! Travelling at 60 mph in a pretty hefty downpour, you can just switch the wiper off … it’s amazing !!!

The heavier the rain, the more effective it seems to be, and the side and rear windows remain completely dry! It may seem foolhardy to turn off the wiper, but the effect is actually better, as the blade interferes with the path of the droplets and prevents them from clearing as quickly. Left alone, the droplets are swept aerodynamically from the windscreen so rapidly that they do not impede vision!

This is a product that I would definitely recommend, and I will be having it regularly renewed from now on, as I know I would really miss it. In fact, I would consider it a vital part of any servicing package!