Brucie’s Diary: April 2013

Current mileage: 145,189

X300 shock absorber bush

Shock’ bush in situ

X300 bump stop


X300 A-frame bush

Jaguar X300 Suspension and Steering Service



Continuing with the programme of work which was started on Brucie in 2011, it was now time to address the remaining problems with the suspension system. The work detailed here, was carried out in March 2012.


Brucie’s n/s/f wheel bearing was still causing problems. It was good enough to pass the MOT, but with the usual advisory which had dogged the car for the last 4 MOT’s and stated “slight play in n/s/f wheel bearing”, and when questioned, this was put down to a worn bearing. Of course, I knew it was not worn, as it was almost new! I was not entirely happy about putting another new bearing on without finding the root cause of the problem, but in the absence of greater expertise there seemed no other option.


It was to be another 9 months before the problem with the wheel bearing was finally sorted, and details of this will be reported in a future instalment of Brucie’s Diary.


Meanwhile, my next job was to have Brucie’s suspension serviced, as there were a few knocks and clonks as you bounced along the road. A full assessment of the entire suspension system was made and those parts which were in need of replacement were renewed with new parts supplied by Jaguar Classic Parts and SNG Barratt.  Fortunately, the front suspension was now in good health, as the offending parts were in need of replacement for the last MOT, so it was only the rear suspension which required attention. Brucie was duly treated to 4 new shock absorber bushes, 2 bump stops and 2 new A-frame bushes.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get any pictures of the work in progress, but needless to say, the ride is so much smoother now than it was before the work was done. Brucie now drives like a Jaguar should !!


A-frame bush in situ

Parts Required Part Number
Wheel Bearing Kit JLM1707
Shock Absorber Bush (x4) MMD2144AA
Bump Stops (x2) MNA3750BA
A-frame Bush (x2) CCC6875
Steering Pump MNA8110ABE

X300 power steering pump

During the inspection, it had also been noticed that there was a leak from the steering pump, so this was also replaced.


All pictures and diagrams were supplied courtesy of SNG Barratt and Jaguar Classic Parts.

All information correct at time of publishing.
Jaguar Classic Parts
SNG Barratt