Brucie’s Diary: August 2013

Current mileage: 149,198

Well, it’s been another memorable and eventful month for Brucie! Going back to the end of July, Brucie met OKV1 for the first time, and is pictured with this famous D-type outside CMC of Bridgnorth, in my report on Classic Nostalgia at Shelsley Walsh  Less than a week later, we were off to Coventry Transport Museum for the official opening of the Jaguar Gallery and for the moment, being parked outside on the piazza is as close as Brucie is likely to get to joining the famous Jaguars in the Gallery itself!

Following his trip to Shelsley Walsh Brucie had become very dirty, so between the two events, we visited the workshop where Jaguar Heritage service and maintain their cars, and where Brucie was privileged to be treated to a wash and polish by Richard Mason and the Jaguar Heritage volunteers! Brucie and I were made very welcome by the Heritage Team, all of whom I had read about in Jaguar Heritage News but hadn’t had the opportunity to meet before.

On this particular day, I was able to capture some of the action which was taking place at the same time, as a selection of racing cars from the Heritage collection were being loaded up ready for transportation to Oulton Park, which I have added to my collection of pictures of Brucie with some of his famous ancestors!

Richard Mason washes Brucie, alongside the Group 44 E-type!
As he works, the Broadspeed Coupe moves into the picture, with 2 volunteers obviously itching to join in!
Finally, the volunteers take over!
Brucie’s next outing was to Castle Combe Autumn Classic Press Day on 15th August 2013. Brucie wasn’t actually expected to do anything at this event, but one day I hope to get him on a race track, and keep him the right way up!

Brucie’s next trip was to attend the funeral of Alan Jenner, a former Jaguar employee who, among other things, worked with Jim Randle’s team on the development and production of the XJ40. Alan’s son, Rob Jenner, is now Chairman of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club, two very good reasons why I felt that Brucie should pay his respects, and so he was suitably prepared for this sombre occasion, ready to chauffeur some guests to the funeral service, when at the very last minute, Rob Jenner asked me if I would like to drive his X350 XJR instead! Well, what could I say? (Sorry Brucie!)
Alan Jenner with a works XJ40 on his retirement from Jaguar in September 1991 (picture courtesy of Rob Jenner)
Many thanks to Rob and Julie for allowing me to pay my last respects. Alan Jenner can be seen at his final Jaguar outing, with Rob Jenner and Jim Randle, at the XJ40 Gathering outside Coventry Transport Museum in October 2012.

At approximately 11am on Wednesday 21st August 2013, driving south on the A41 between Newport and Telford, Brucie achieved 150,000  miles!

No warning lights, and the gauges show that Brucie is in good health.
I even managed to get the fuel gauge reading to fall in with the others!

Brucie’s picture recently appeared in various reports on the JEC Northern Day in the August 2013 issue of The Jaguar Enthusiast magazine, on pages 39 and 99, although his official picture was on page 69.

Brucie is scheduled to appear in the October 2013 issue of Jaguar World Monthly on sale in early September.

Meanwhile Brucie will appear on the XJ Forum stand at the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club National Southern Day at Littlecote House, Hungerford. If you wish to attend, tickets can be purchased by phoning the JEC office on 0117 969 8186.

See more pictures of Brucie with the Jaguar Heritage Collection HERE