Brucie’s Diary: May 2013

Current mileage: 145,891

A busy month for Brucie !!

   On 10th May, Brucie and I were at CMC (Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth), and while Brucie chatted to an S-type in the car park, I was busy looking at more E-types than I have seen in one place at one time!
   CMC have close links with Jaguar Cars, and Ian Callum’s own Mark II saloon is currently there, as previously reported in Xclusively Jaguar News HERE I looked on in amazement at some of the details which are going into this car, but all work is under embargo, so I cannot discuss what I have seen. Everyone else will have to wait for the periodic press releases which will be supplied by CMC, and believe me, these will be worth waiting for! Aside from Ian Callum’s car, there were plenty of other interesting Jaguars in the workshops!
Jaguars which I am at liberty to report on include this true-in-every-detail re-creation of the Lindner-Nocker lightweight E-type which CMC recently restored; another project which was reported on in Xclusively Jaguar News. The original is so precious, that it is for display only, and so it was decided that a replica was needed which could actually be used for racing, without fear of endangering the original car. The project is still in progress, as shown in the pictures.
   Another project which is currently in progress at CMC, is the creation of an Elongated E-type, more details of which can be seen in the March 2013 issue of the CMC Chronicle
The workshop welcomes enquiries from owners of all classic Jaguars who seek excellence in restoration and servicing, and owners send their Jaguars from across the globe, such as this E-type, formerly restored by CMC 10 years ago and exported to Japan, and now returned for accident repairs, before being once again shipped back to its owner in Japan.
Hidden away in a secure storage unit is one of the 16 genuine XKSS Jaguars created from the out-going D-types – seeing this is a rare treat for a Jaguar enthusiast!
Along with the XKSS (but keeping a respectable distance, of course!) are numerous E-types. Some are in storage, but most are waiting their turn for restoration, such is the demand and reputation of CMC as a restorer of classic Jaguars.

Following our visit to CMC, Brucie and I then attended the SNG Barratt Open Day

To round up May we were then invited to the Norman Dewis Celebration

All information correct at time of publishing.