Brucie’s Diary: November 2013

Current mileage: 151,861

A month packed full of diverse events!

4th November, 3 years ago on this day, I was in Paignton, Devon, negotiating the purchase of Brucie with a car dealer. This year, I was the other side of the country, at Thoresby Hall, as part of the JEC Events Committee, checking out details ready for next years JEC 30th birthday bash and the Jaguar timeline, and of course, Brucie was there with me!



6th November, a brief unscheduled visit to XJK as air was hissing out of Brucie’s n/s/f tyre valve !! XJK were brilliant, and took Brucie into the workshop straight away, to fit a new tyre valve, test, balance and re-fit the wheel, so that I could continue on my journey!



7th November, Brucie parked alongside the stretched E-type, which was launched later the same day, by CMC in Bridgnorth. View report Stretching the Jaguar E-type
8th November, Brucie and I briefly visited 4 of our sponsors, XJK, Just XJS, SNG Barratt and CMC to hand them each a copy of the 2014 Xclusively Jaguar Calendar, designed by my daughter, Esta-jane Mace and printed at Jaguar!
14th November, I was very kindly treated to dinner by Don Westcott, Chairman of the Wiltshire Region of the JEC, before giving a talk to the members, on Xclusively Jaguar, Xclusively Jaguar News,  Brucie’s Diary and my work with the JEC as a member of the Events Committee.
15th – 17th November, after transporting me safely and comfortably to Birmingham, Brucie waited patiently in the car park for 3 days, while I helped to serve drinks to members and friends on the JEC stand at the NEC Classic Motor Show. While I was at the show, I treated Brucie to an outdoor car cover. Brucie has recently lost the use of his garage and its breaking my heart to see him sitting unprotected outside in all weathers! After a lot of thought, I decided to try the cover pictured below, as it has been developed from the latest nanotechnology, making it lightweight, 100% waterproof, yet breathable!

Brucie, rugged up for winter!


18th November, Something I have wanted to do for some time – I took Brucie back to Brown’s Lane, all be it too late for him to see his birthplace as he would remember it! The site has now been redeveloped with new homes, built by Taylor Wimpey, and the connection which I was unaware of at the time, is that Brucie’s first owner was Wimpey Homes, so unbeknown to me, it had a double meaning for Brucie !!

Swallows Nest, Browns Lane – Picture and plan courtesy of Taylor Wimpey Homes

22nd November, Another landmark – I finally plucked up courage and contacted Brucie’s first owner. I am relieved to say that it went very well. Thinking that I was the fourth owner, I have now found out that Brucie was purchased by Wimpey Homes for one of their directors, who having previously owned an XJ40 had actually chosen Brucie himself, for his colour and specification. Brucie was his personal car  and he kept him on his retirement from the company! Initially having been chauffeur driven, and with an impeccable service history, 7 years later, Brucie was finally traded in for another Jaguar. His former owner still owns the X350 which Brucie was traded in for – a true Jaguar enthusiast!
24th November, Brucie and I rounded the month off with a visit to this years Andrew Whyte Lecture. This is the first time I have been able to attend! It is always over-subscribed, so I considered it a privilege to be able to listen to the three eminent speakers.
Ian Luckett, Global Product Training Manager at the Jaguar Land Rover Academy. Ian used to handle heritage enquiries before the present-day Jaguar Heritage Trust was operational. He gave an incredibly informative and very moving talk, supported by slides and videos, giving us an insight into current dealer training worldwide, and the force with which this is being further developed.
Rob Atkin, Project C-X75 Programme Manager. Rob led the design team for the C-X75, and his was another incredible and very moving talk. Again, supported by slides and videos which just left you wishing and wondering why this car, which it is suggested is probably the most technically advanced car in the world, is not going into production in this form, but will merely be a catalyst and proving ground for advancements in other forth-coming Jaguar and Land Rover models.

dec13_john_egan_300 Sir John Egan,
Chief Executive of Jaguar Cars
from 1980 to 1990, who in the eyes of many, ‘saved’ Jaguar from extinction. Sir John has lost none of his verve for speaking over the years, and kept us all enthralled, an indication of how he lead Jaguar Cars through very difficult times and made it a world beater in every way!Rounding up the event, Bob Beacham, who has organised the lectures for many years, in memory of the late Jaguar Historian, Andrew Whyte, gave us an insight into the history of the event and commented that Sir John Egan was the ultimate speaker and would be a hard act to follow at future lectures!

With nothing major planned for December, aside from the JEC AGM on 14th December, Brucie returns to XJK in January 2014 for his MOT and a pre-MOT service.