Brucie’s Diary: September 2013

Current mileage: 150,462

Brucie at Southern Day, by Nigel Thorley

As reported earlier in the month, Brucie’s first appointment for September was the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Southern Day at Littlecote House, near Hungerford, where Nigel Thorley took this wonderful shot of Brucie, at the end of a busy day, when he was all that was left of the former Forum Stand!

oct13_jwm1_200 On 12th September, the October 2013 issue of Jaguar World Monthly went on sale, with Brucie listed on the contents page, thus:108 Your Jaguar: Letitia Mace delights in Brucie, her X330 Sovereign

Brucie’s Diary also featured in Jaguar Classic Parts News for September 2013


Brucie’s most recent visit to XJK

On Brucie’s last visit to XJK, among a mixture of Jaguars, including a new XK and an X300 Sport, a fellow JEC members’ XJS V12 Facelift Coupe was being prepared for the JEC tour to Switzerland in September 2013. This looked like a very sound and well cared for car, but the owner had taken the precaution of having the car checked over by XJK to avoid any potential problems on the journey. After a thorough inspection, the suspension was all that needed attention, so new rear radius arm, forward and rear bushes were fitted, along with front suspension top arm bushes, anit-roll bar links and bump stops. The car was then given a 4 wheel alignment check, as is now normal practice at XJK following any work on the suspension system. XJK have recently received an award for excellence as a centre for 4 wheel alignment, and will check any car, Jaguar or otherwise.

A few facts about Wheel Alignment and Tracking
XJK Limited is Staffordshire’s No. 1 for Wheel Alignment and Tracking. They have the latest state of the art HD Camera Alignment System, which allows them to adjust any make and model and they receive all the latest data and updates from all manufacturers, making XJK Limited a premier Alignment Specialist. Their service to you includes a full technical computer data⁄analysis report before and after alignment.
The Alignment System reduces constant tyre wear, excessive suspension component wear, increased positive steering and saves fuel consumption, not forgetting helping your vehicle improve its carbon footprint.
If you have any questions about the wheel alignment on your vehicle please email XJK or phone the XJK service team on  01782 613434.


So what did Brucie have done at XJK?

X300 Bootlid Badges

Part numbers HNA5994PA and HNA5995KA
On his last visit to XJK, Brucie had his bootlid badges replaced with new ones. The original badges were beginning to corrode and delaminate, and their appearance let the whole car down, rather like a tatty number plate!

I wasn’t looking forward to this, as they appeared to be securely fixed in a recess, and I certainly wasn’t going to attempt the replacement myself, so after ordering new JAGUAR and SOVEREIGN badges from SNG Barratt, I left the rest to Ian Kelsall at XJK, who made it look simple!

1.    Mask the surrounding area off, as a precaution.
2.    Use a strong but flexible nylon blade/scraper to prize off the existing badge
3.    Remove masking and thoroughly clean off all debris
4.    Polish and prepare the area so that it will accept the new adhesive
5.    Very carefully and precisely attach new badge – you only have one chance to get it right!


X300 Bootlid Release

Part number GNA3520BC
Just prior to Brucie’s intended visit to XJK, his bootlid release failed, so I called in to SNG Barratt to collect a new one, which was quickly and easily installed (if you know how!) by XJK.

The lining of the boot lid was released, to reveal the wiring, so that the old boot lid release cable could be replaced with the new one. A good torch with a magnetic fixing proved useful to light up the area within the boot lid where the cable attaches.


X300 Radio Mast
Still looking perfect, the outgoing aerial unit
Complete radio mast unit, including motor: Part number LNA4120AA

Replacement mast and toothed mechanism only: Part number LNA4134AA

Next to be replaced was the aerial, which had never functioned properly since purchasing Brucie. I was always too embarrassed to switch on the radio and display to the world that my Jaguar could only manage to push 2 segments of its aerial out, so I decided it was time to do something about it. This required the removal of all the trim on the off-side of the boot, but was otherwise straight-forward. Good to see nothing nasty lurking behind the boot trim – no damage, rust or damp!
The outgoing aerial looked perfectly fine from the outside, but presumably some of the teeth were worn or damaged, preventing the mast from being raised to its full height. As an alternative to replacing the entire unit, if the motor is still functioning, the toothed mechanism can removed and carefully replaced, which is more economical than replacing the whole unit.


X300 Original Mobile Phone Module

Part number LJA7301AA
One final job, before we left the boot, was the removal of Brucie’s mobile phone module which was fitted at the factory as an optional extra. The phone itself had been removed by a former owner, leaving only the cradle in the cabin, the connecting harness, and the module in the boot. We removed the cradle some time ago, as it seemed superfluous, so Ian suggested that we now remove and discard the module from the boot, as it was basically just clutter now! So if you have one of these in your boot, and don’t know what it is, you can safely remove it, unless you think there is hope of having it re-commissioned!

This was the last time Brucie saw his original mobile phone module and the bracket to which it was attached, before it went in the bin!

oct13_brucie11_300 X300 Bonnet ReleasePart number HNA2560AAThe bonnet release lever which sits under the dash, just inside the driver’s door, had lost its plastic trim with the symbol on it. Hardly of any consequence until you reach the point where all the other jobs have been done and you want the car to be as near perfect as possible, so I decided to replace it. It was a case of purchasing the entire lever arm, but at £10, I guess the plastic finisher would not have cost much less, anyway and as with the other jobs, the labour time was negligible although I doubt I could have fitted it that quickly!


X300 Bonnet Struts

Part number BEC19809
To finish off tidying Brucie up , I had ordered a pair of bonnet struts, as Brucie’s original ones were becoming a little stiff. As they age and become worn, these can stiffen up and when you pull against them with any force, every time you open the bonnet, you risk stressing the bonnet and causing minute cracks in the paint, which will eventually encourage rust. Sometimes the bonnet struts become too lose, rather than stiffening up, in which case, they can let go when the bonnet is raised – not good if you have your head stuck in the engine bay, rummaging for something deep within its depths! One of my first XJ40’s dropped her bonnet just as a mechanic had walked away, leaving his tools on top of the engine, which caused an expensive dent in the bonnet!

It was my intention to write a stage by stage account of the processes involved in removing and refitting the above mentioned parts, but Ian seemed to be so efficient and practiced in his work, that by the time I had gathered my thoughts, the job was done.


See separate report on The Official Opening of The Jaguar Gallery at Coventry Transport Museum to which Brucie and I were invited as guests – Brucie was parked on the piazza outside the museum!