Brucie’s Diary: April 2014

Current mileage: 158,006

Potholes and Birds

April was not a good month for Brucie !! First he fell into a pot hole and then he decided to eat a pheasant !!

These combined mis-haps resulted in an emergancy visit to XJK where I was told that he came off lightly !!

The pheasant didn’t come off so well. It ran in front of Brucie at relatively high speed and close range, and typically cat-like, Brucie couldn’t resist a feathered lunch! As it hit the front grille, it looked at me accusingly for a few seconds before disappearing – upon inspection, Brucie had literally eaten it, as it had smashed through the grille vanes on the right hand side and been swallowed up by my hungry X300 and was lodged in between the front grille and the air conditioning condenser! Remarkably, there was no other damage, so once the unfortunate pheasant was removed, XJK merely had to replace the right hand side grille vanes, to put the smile back on Brucie’s face !!

The pot hole caused a nasty clonking noise from the nearside rear area, which turned out to be a badly damaged shock absorber bush – 2 hours labour and a new bush and Brucie was good as new again.

apr14_brucie3_300 After removing the nearside rear wheel, the road spring was clamped …….
apr14_brucie4_300 and then removed, along with the brake disc, shock absorber, and related componants
apr14_brucie7_300 The old bush (shown on the right) was removed from the base of the shock absorber …….
apr14_brucie6_300 before being replaced with the new one.
apr14_brucie8_300 After removing the suspension components,Ian had noticed that a rodent had been storing some lunch in a concealed area of Brucies’ underbody – a relatively common occurrence on these cars, apparently! This was blasted out with compressed air …….
apr14_brucie9_300 and treated to a coating of oil, to protect and deter future incidents, before finally re-assembling the components and taking Brucie for a road test.

Only the offending bush on the nearside was replaced, XJK’s philosophy being that it is quite clear when these need replacing, as the car will suddenly develop a rear knock where previously it was silent, and as replacement of one side is completely independent of the other, it is uneconomic to replace both sides unnecessarily!


On 12th April Brucie and I attended the second Mike Hawthorn Memorial Lunch of the year, held at The Barley Mow, Tilford, near Farnham in Surrey, and I also took this opportunity to visit the grave of Mike Hawthorn and record the occasionapr14_brucie1_666 with a picture of Brucie parked alongside Mike Hawthorn’s grave.


Report on the Mike Hawthorn Memorial Lunch – Spring 2014


The following day was Nigel Webb’s Jaguar Mark 1 Day, and a full report can be found HERE