Brucie’s Diary: January 2014

Current mileage: 154,143

Brucie arrived at XJK on 10th January, for an initial assessment of his needs. The intention had been to have Brucie serviced and then put through the MOT. That would be the straight-forward part. I had also hoped to have Brucie’s bumpers refurbished, as they have collected a few scuffs in the years prior to my ownership. I am pleased to say that none of the scuffs were caused by me! Also, as is normal for X300’s, Brucie’s bumpers had begun to sag and would have required removal and re-fitting even if they had not needed refurbishment. I had ordered and received most of the required parts from Jaguar Classic Parts and SNG Barratt. The bumpers themselves were to be sent to XJK’s bodyshop for preparation and re-spraying.

The first problem was that one of the parts I was unable to find were the headlamp powerwashers. I had ordered and paid for one set off of ebay, but these were very disappointing and incomplete, despite the promises which preceded them. The second option was to have them remanufactured, but they would not be ready in time, so this was put on hold. The third option was to buy another Jaguar with headlamp powerwashers, remove them and replace the front bumper blade with a plain blade, and then sell the car on, hopefully without making too much of a loss!

So, it was option three that we were about to embark upon on January 10th. Gavin, owner of XJK was absolutely brilliant, and I cannot thank him enough. He put other work on hold at short notice so that he could come with me to assess a Jaguar for possible purchase. Sadly, the headlamp powerwashers on this car were not much better than those I had purchased on ebay, so the exercise was fruitless, however, the experience of going with a Jaguar specialist to view a potential purchase was invaluable, as we obviously had to be sure that the car would be sound and saleable after removal of the required parts!

The revised plan was then to have Brucie serviced and put through his MOT, and carry out the other refurbishment details, putting the bumpers on hold until either a pair of powerwashers could be remanufactured, or something turned up on ebay or elsewhere. Disappointing in the short term, but unavoidable if the job is to be done properly.

While Brucie was up on blocks, with no bumpers, the plan had also been to have his wheels refurbished. Fellow JEC member, Andy Brooks whose pristine X350 XJR was displayed on the JEC stand at the NEC, had recommended JP Alloys in Cannock and XJK had very kindly agreed that I could borrow their courtesy car (an X-type Estate) to transport Brucie’s wheels to them, although they do provide a courier service if required.

As Brucie would not now be off the road, he was temporarily fitted with a set of Celtic Alloys loaned by XJK while his own original 20 spoke alloys were sent away to JP Alloys in Cannock for refurbishment. They were cleaned, checked for flat spots, repaired, powder coated, diamond cut, lacquered and shod with a new set of Pirelli P7 tyres. XJK supplied the new tyres, which were fitted and balanced by JP Alloys.

I have also purchased one extra 16 x 7 Twenty Spoke alloy to make up a set of five and replace Brucie’s original space saver which has never been used. I would prefer to have a ‘proper’ spare wheel and also keep the original space saver in ‘as new’ condition for display, with Brucie, in the future.



Parts: 2 bulbs (one headlamp, one tail light)

Back to XJK on the morning of 13th January (note the date!) two bulbs failed – not a good start! Brucie was fitted with two new bulbs and sent straight off for his MOT …..he sailed through with no advisories! The advisories from last year, referring to slight movement in the front wheel bearings still appears on the MOT, and I understand that it remains there unless removed by the MOT tester the following year, which is rather frustrating in this instance, as the job was done last January, but the advisory remains.



Parts: oil filter, air filter, fluids, windscreen wiper blade

Having been returned to XJK, Brucie was then serviced. This was a 6 month/7500 mile service, as advised by XJK to all their customers who wish to maintain their Jaguars in peak running condition, and was a straight-forward appraisal of all components and fluid levels, with replenishment where necessary. Oil and filter where changed, along with air filter and windscreen wiper.

Service History


Post service tidying up

Boot lid can only be opened with a key

Parts: electrical wire

The first job to tackle after the service was the bootlid, which can only be opened with the key. This problem first occurred sometime ago, and at that time the solution was to replace the boot release cable and button, as reported on in the September 2013 issue of Brucie’s Diary

Now it has re-occurred, it is time to investigate further and take a look at the rather suspect looking wiring in the boot, which juts rather untidily out from the bootlid hinge on the right hand side.

The wiring, which should be neatly tucked inside the boot-lid hinge, shown here, after removing the tape that bound it, and the ‘tail’ that caused some wiring to snap and fail
Having removed the tape that was bound around the wiring, Ian found that one of the wires had been cut and re-joined, making it shorter than the rest. The remaining wires, being longer, had been pinched together to form a tail. This had then been bound up with electrical tape and over the years, the constant movement of the boot lid hinge had frayed and snapped a couple of the wires. Ian restored all the wiring to its correct state and as I had hoped, not only did this restore the boot-lid function, it also restored the lighting in the boot which had never functioned in the 3 years that I have owned Brucie !!


N/S/R  door lock not flush with trim when locked

Nothing new to fit here, simply a matter of adjusting the lever and chrome knob that sits on top of the lever, to ensure that it falls in-line with the door trim when the door is locked, as it has been out of alignment since purchasing Brucie in 2010.

N/S/R door veneer not sitting correctly

Again, another annoying  but inconsequential problem which has been bugging me since I purchased Brucie. This was thought to be a broken trim clip, but upon removal of the veneer turned out that the veneer had not been clipped in securely, so the trim clip had over-ridden its socket and was not pulling the veneer in as it should – a very simple, 2 minute job, and it now looks as it should!


XJK – other services and involvement in JEC events

XJK will be one of the major sponsors involved in the JEC 30th birthday bash this year at Thoresby Hall.

XJK are renowned as Jaguar XF specialists, and the JEC XF Seminar scheduled for 12th April 2014 will be taken by Ian Kelsall of XJK. Last year Ian took the new XK Seminar, and further Jaguar seminars are planned for the future.

XJK offer advice to JEC members on all Jaguars from approx 1990 onwards. The work carried out on Brucie is an indication of some of the problems, among many others, that they can tackle and rectify.

XJK can supply and fit all Jaguar tyres from 1986 onwards, or deliver by courier anywhere in the UK for local fitting. XJK are registered direct with Pirelli, giving you the advantage of better prices and better availability.

For Jaguar tyres prior to 1986, please contact Longstone Classic Tyres

XJK recently won an award for the standard of their Wheel Alignment Services!

XJK are registered with Jaguar Cars and approved by them to do servicing and extended warranty work on Jaguar cars over 3 years old.

XJK also take on work authorized by independent warranty companies.