Brucie’s Diary: July 2014

Current mileage: 161,712


This month, rather than reporting on new work done, I have indexed past work done to my X300 in order to make it easier to access details.

Month Description
February 2011 Work done immediately after purchase
March 2011 Fitting X300 chrome mirror caps
April 2011 Amending DVLA records
May 2011 Removing factory fitted X300 phone cradle
X300 air conditioning service
June 2011 X300 gearbox service
July 2011 X300 front wheel bearings
August 2011 X300 transmission fluid leak
December 2011 X300 water heater valve and circulation pump
XF test drive
X300 Visual Health Check
January 2012 X300 engine bay detailing
February 2012 MOT work including;
           O/S/F lower suspension arm ball joint dust cover deteriorated
           N/S/F brake calliper leaking
          Paintless Dent Removal
          Accident Repair Services (Exeter)
March 2012 Chrome number plate surround
April 2012 X300 basic service
May 2012 Brucie at International Jaguar Spares Day, Spring 2012
June 2012 X300 transmission fluid change
July 2012 JEC International Weekend at Weston Park (XJ220 Reunion)
March 2013 Watercolour Classics
April 2013 X300 suspension and steering service
May 2013 Brucie visits CMC of Bridgnorth
June 2013 JEC Northern Day 2013
July 2013 Brucie’s first service at XJK Independent Jaguar Specialist
August 2013 Brucie goes to Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb
Brucie at Coventry Motor Museum
Brucie visits Jaguar Heritage
Brucie at Castle Combe Autumn Classic Press Day
Brucie pays respects to the late Alan Jenner
Brucie reaches 150,000 mile landmark
September 2013 Brucie at JEC Southern Day 2013
Brucie in Jaguar World Magazine
Wheel alignment and tracking (general info)
Applying X300 bootlid badges
Replacing X300 bootlid release
Replacing X300 radio mast
Removing X300 original mobile phone module
Replacing X300 bonnet release
Replacing X300 bonnet struts
October 2013 Past/Projected work schedule
Replacing X300 fuel lines
Renewal of X300 under body protection
Replacing X300 thermostat
Replacing X300 window regulator motor
Replacing X300 drivers door check arm
Replacing X300 drivers seat module
Replacing X300 steering column
November 2013 Brucie’s 3rd anniversary in my ownership
Contacting Brucie’s previous owners
Brucie’s car cover
Brucie’s pilgrimage to Brown’s Lane
December 2013 Brucie looks back at the events of 2013, of which he was a part
January 2014 Plans for Brucie during 2014 at XJK, including;
                bumper refurbishment
                power washer fitment
                wheel refurbishment
                new tyres
X300 Bootlid can only be opened with a key in the lock
X300 door lock not flush with trim when locked
X300 door veneer not sitting correctly
XJK – other services and involvement in JEC events
February 2014 Fitting new X300 steering wheel rim
Fitting X300 rear console air con vents
Fitting X300 powerfold door mirrors
Fitting new X300 drivers door memory switchpack and walnut veneer
Used Jaguar Parts from XJK – Independent Jaguar Specialists
Car detailing and detailing Brucie
March 2014 Fitting X300 chrome waistline strips
The Sentinel Business Awards – Apprentice of the Year Award
April 2014 The pheasant and the front grille!
Replacing X300 n/s/r shock absorber bush
Brucie at The Mike Hawthorn Memorial Lunch 2014
Brucie at Jaguar Mark 1 Day 2014
May 2014 Jaguar XF restricted performance
June 2014 JEC Jaguar Timeline, X305 and XJ40 Majestic