Brucie’s Diary: June 2014

Current mileage: 160,767

During May, Brucie was sent off to XJK Independent Jaguar Specialists to make sure he was looking his best for his part in the Jaguar Timeline at the JEC 30th Birthday Bash held at Thoresby Hall on the 22nd June 2014.

By a fluke, Brucie’s number on the Timeline fell in a prime location, at the end of the Timeline on a corner where you would expect him to have maximum impact, however, Colin Manconi’s XJ220 and David Bradbury’s XJR-15 were alongside, and quite rightly they stole all the limelight! If there was any left, it was taken by David Marks manual XJR on the other side of Brucie!



As everyone began to depart from the event, I was able to persuade a couple of people to allow me to take comparative pictures of their cars with Brucie. The first of these was Brucie’s Daimler V12 counterpart, number 56 in the Timeline and belonging to Paul Spencer, this Spruce Green lwb was a truly stunning example.



….. and another interesting, and very rare opportunity, to see a long wheel base XJ40 beside a long wheel base X300. This one is the only 3.2 Gold ever produced as a Majestic (XJ40 LWB) and belongs to Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Chairman, Rob Jenner. It was number 46 in the Timeline.



At 17 years old and with 161,000 miles on the clock, Brucie can still cut a dash, and even attracted a few admirers at Scottish Jaguar Day on 29th June 2014.