Brucie’s Diary: March 2014

Current mileage: 156,624

Brucie’s refurbishment continues at XJK Independent Jaguar Specialists

Fitting chrome waistline strips

Parts: (Official description) SEAL – WAIST

Part numbers: 1 x GXF2520AD, 1 x GXF2521AD, 1 x GNA1710AE & 1 x GNA1711AE

While the door mirrors were off, this was an ideal time to fit new chrome waistline strips, which over time begin to corrode where water is trapped between the top of the door and the chome outer and rubber seal. The outer rubbers also begin to ripple, and look unsightly.
Chrome waist trims collect water and corrode on the inside, causing them to lift and look unsightly


This is how they look on the car – notice how the rubbers have rippled (above) and the corrosion has pushed the chrome strip out of alignment with the adjoining chrome door trim (below).



New chrome door trims, front and rear, still in protective coating – the lower two show the new and un-corroded rubber inner


mar14_brucie5_300 mar14_brucie6_300

Although the front door is pictured here, fitting the rear door chromes is quite straight-forward. Carefully prise off the old chrome strip with a nylon blade, having first protected the paintwork immediately beneath the strip with masking tape.

Years of muck will have built up between the trim and the paint, and needs to be removed. The area cleaned was then greased, firstly, to protect the hidden paintwork beneath the chrome trims and secondly, to aid fitting and allow the trims to glide more easily into place. The job of cleaning and greasing the door tops fell to Matt Banks, XJK’s capable and enthusiastic apprentice, who was shortlisted for the Staffordshire and Cheshire Region Apprentice of the Year Award last month!

Then carefully fit the chrome strip, ensuring that it does not foul the neighbouring chrome strips along the side of the car.


Fitting the front door chromes requires the removal of the door mirrors, which in turn requires the removal of the upper part of the interior door trim, before the above procedure for rear doors can be repeated.

A relatively simple fix that makes all the difference to the overall appearance of an XJ40, X300 or X308!


The Sentinel Business Awards – Apprentice of the Year Award

Matthew Banks an apprentice automotive technician at XJK Independent Jaguar Specialist was recently shortlisted in the Apprentice of the Year category of The Sentinel Business Awards.The awards were announced at  a black tie dinner for 420 guests, at the King’s Hall in Stoke on the evening of Tuesday, 25th March 2014, to which Matthew was invited along with Gavin Jones (Owner of XJK) and Ian Kelsall (Chief Mechanic at XJK).mar14_brucie9_300

Pictured above at the awards, from left to right: Ian Kelsall (XJK’s Chief Mechanic), Matthew Banks (XJK’s Apprentice of the Yea) and Gavin Jones (XJK’s Owner).

XJK put Matthew forward for this award in recognition of his commitment and determination to succeed in his chosen career.  Matthew has never failed to impress the team at XJK, from his initial approach to XJK to his commitment to learn the highly intricate workings of a prestigious make of car, and the success of achieving continued certification within the industry.  To reach the final stages of Apprentice of the Year, Matthew also received support from the prestigious  Jaguar Enthusiast’s Club, highlighting that he is keen to support both the Jaguar Enthusiast’s Club and XJK by regularly attending national events, even though such activities have involved weekend working and travel.XJK were delighted that Matthew was presented with the runner-up award and along with this honour he received a plaque and a bottle of champagne. The training college which he attends have also recognised his hard work and success by presenting him with two VIP tickets for Stoke City’s next game.  This achievement celebrates what is best in business excellence both for Matthew and XJK Independent Jaguar Specialist.Matthew has proved to be a shining example, and winning apprentice of the year would be the icing on the cake and would say out loud to every apprentice at Stoke on Trent College and elsewhere, that through hard work, fortitude, courtesy and self-belief anything is possible!

XJK’s  Apprentice of the year , Matthew Banks, would like to thank everyone who contributed to his nomination, with particular thanks to all the team at XJK who have supported him.


XJK Independent Jaguar Specialists