Brucie’s Diary: May 2014

Current mileage: 159,712

XJK excel at XF Seminar!

Jaguar XF Portfolio

JEC member Kev Noble attended the XF Seminar as his XF was suffering from restricted performance, and was impressed with the advice given! The seminar was taken by renowned Independent Jaguar Specialist, XJK.



XF Restricted Performance

Following advice from the excellent XF Seminar on 12th April, I checked out my turbo shut-off valve (this necessitates removal of the large undertray. The valve is actuated by a vacuum piston in a silver pot approx 2inches in diameter on the front of the engine). Sure enough, when I pressed the actuator arm open against the spring, it stuck fully open.

A little lube on the arm, rose joint and piston rod and no more sticking. Several tests at full bore to the red line and no more restricted performance.

Jaguar also do a replacement vacuum pot and actuator for about £60 apparently, although it looks quite tricky to get at. The Seminar has paid for itself already and is highly recommended!