Brucie’s Diary: April 2015

Current mileage: 164,892

This month I took full advantage of the glorious weather – outside day on day, cleaning the Jaguars after their long winter slumber, hence a short but significant edition of Brucie’s Diary.

Brucie had one important appointment for April, Mark 1 Day 2015, which was fabulous, and although part of ‘Brucie’s Diary’  an event like this deserves its own report, which will appear in due course!

Brucie’s first owner, Andrew Panter with his wife Tui and current Jaguar, which replaced Brucie


For Brucie, I think 26th April 2015 was one of the biggest days of his life – Andrew Panter, his first owner, was there and after most of the Mark 1’s had drifted away, I brought Brucie back from the ‘Jaguar Parking Area’ where he had been parked next to Jaguar Specialist David Marks fabulous Mark VII, and placed him in the main yard.

Norman Dewis OBE (Honorary Patron of Xclusively Jaguar) with Brucie at Jaguar Mark 1 Day 2015


I then invited Norman Dewis OBE (Jaguar’s retired Chief Test Engineer) as Honorary Patron of Xclusively Jaguar, to sign Brucie, which I think is a first, and a fitting way to celebrate Brucie’s recent 18th birthday!

Norman inscribes Brucie’s rear arm-rest with his much sought after signature


Norman looks for my approval on the finished artwork


This was witnessed by myself, Rob Jenner (Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Chairman) and Michael Quinn (Sir William Lyons’ grandson).

Michael Quinn (Sir William Lyons Grandson) with myself and Brucie at Mark 1 Day 2015


Michael then asked me if I had my service book with me as he recognised Brucie, and as it transpired, Michael Quinn’s signature appears in Brucie’s service book  for the 2 annual services he had at Creamer’s in the years 1999 and 2000.

The page from Brucie’s service record showing Michael Quinn’s signature, from when he was Service Manager at Creamer’s Jaguar in Kensington


So Brucie himself has acquired an important signature, and I have realised that his paperwork already boasted an important signature!