Brucie’s Diary: July 2015

Current mileage: 165,979


Ex-Press Manual Jaguar X300 XJR – M64 FVC

Jaguar X300 XJR manual

A sad day when we had to collect our unfinished ex-Press X300 XJR manual. It had been in restoration for 5 years when the restorer lost his premises.

We kept it for several months while we tried to make a decision over what should be done with it. Any standard X300 in this condition would simply be scrapped but this was one of only 102 rhd manual X300 XJR’s and it was a Press car and the one featured in the Jaguar brochure.

Registration Number: M64 FVC

VIN: 720405

405th X300 built

9th XJR built, and believed to be the earliest surviving manual XJR as at July 2015

M64 FVC was one of the original Jaguar Press Launch cars for X300, a genuine manual XJR – one of only 102 RHD cars built, of which we owned four at the time, including the very last one built – P760 NRW

Rob Jenner traced the original build record, obtained a Jaguar Heritage Certificate, and did a DVLA trace from day one to prove the provenance of this car.

Rob Jenner purchased M64 FVC in 2009 with an Mot and ran it until the MoT expired. It was then taken to a local bodyshop, but as a longterm project it kept being put back in favour of ‘quick fixes’ and urgent jobs, and remained at the bodyshop until the owner had to move out, due to re-development.  We rapidly had to find short term dry storage for it, while we decided what to do in the long term. As the short term accommodation came to an end, the decision was made to sell the car.

As you can see from the pictures the car is in primer and almost ready for painting, having had the front wings, boot floor, rear arches, inner and outer sills replaced, and the inner wings repaired, primed and prepped, with one more minor bit of remedial work to complete on the drivers side floor.

Some parts of the bodyshell were in excellent condition and required no attention, and everything that was removed from the car was retained ready for re-fitting in due course. (slave wheel fitted to rear of car for transportation only, as in top picture).

M64 FVC still had two keys with remotes, and the handbook pack was complete!

The car went on to find a new home, and we hope will be finished and eventually re-appear on the show scene as an important part of the history of Jaguar Cars.


11th July 2016 – Donington Triumph Sports Six Club Weekend

This weekend we left ALL the Jaguars at home, abandoning the marque for the weekend, and headed off to Donnington in the TR6. This was just a temporary reversion to our youth, as completely unbeknown to one-another, both Rob and I owned and enjoyed TR6’s long before we met. We recently couldn’t resist the opportunity of owning one once more before we get too old to enjoy a raw 1960’s/70’s sports car !!

We put the TR6 through its paces on the Heritage Loop at Donnington – 24 laps between us, and the brakes and tyres were smoking by the end of our exploits! It actually ended up at David Marks Garages having an engine rebuild …. David just couldn’t resist the chance to work on something a little different from a Jaguar or an Aston Martin Lagonda, for a change!

Rob Jenner and Triumph TR6 at Donnington


12th July 2016 – Chateau Impney Inaugural Hill Climb

From Donnington we took the TR6 across to Chateau Impney for their inaugural hill climb – as spectators, not competitors!

We had arranged to meet up with Xclusively Jaguar sponsor, Gil Keane from Better Car Lighting, who gave me this amazing cap!

I have found that the compact, but very powerful light makes it really useful at night, and for peering into the depths of engine bays or under cars!

Better Car Lighting Hat The powerful LED’s are in the centre of the peak, although they do not look like it in my picture!

For more information on this and other innovative products take a look at Better Car Lighting or email Gil Keane at 4Sight Visionary Lighting

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Chateau Impney for the revival of their hillclimb. This inaugural event was well represented by the Jaguar marque, with pictures and results shown below.



A full list of results can be seen HERE


Finally, before we leave Chateau Impney and head for Silverstone, Michael Quinn takes us round the track in his E-type!

Chateau Impney Hillclimb


24th, 25th & 26th July 2016 – Silverstone Classic

Silverstone Classic was fabulous, despite the weather!

Wednesday 22nd July – Rob and I travelled down to a nearby village ready for set-up the following day.

Thursday 23rd July – Rob and I helped James Blackwell and Helen Hodgson, who had travelled to Silverstone from the JEC HQ in Bristol, to set up the marquee. Rob and I then watched some of the racing practice laps and went round the pits to look at and listen to the racing cars – for a petrol head it is an amazing event!

Brucie at Silverstone  Setting up on Thursday

Friday 24th July –  it rained all day and in the night a storm damaged the marquee and some of the stock.

brucie_rj_neil_campbell_silverstone_jul15 Alongside Brucie, JEC Chairman, Rob Jenner chats with Neil Campbell, formerly of Practical Classics and now an Operations Co-ordinator with Jaguar Heritage

Saturday 25th July – a bright, sunny morning, and the queue of traffic going into Silverstone was awesome – Brucie was sandwiched between a Lancia Stratos and an Aston Martin DB7, and all the way down the queue the cars were amazing! When we went to park outside the pits Rob commented on the number of Ferrari’s, Maclarens, Bentleys, Astons, Maybach’s, Tesla’s etc etc and then pointed out that they were 10 a penny at Silverstone, BUT he noted that there was only ONE X300 in the car park !!!!

Rob, James, Helen and I, cleared up, with the help of some volunteers,and sorted out the storm damage from the night before.

I put Brucie’s BRUCIE plates on and overheard lots of comments such as ‘That number plate is illegal’ – any publicity is good publicity – I doubt they would even have noticed Brucie parked next to an XJ220 and a Palmersport XKR if he had not been wearing his ‘illegal number plates’ lol !!!

brucie_silverstone_jul15  Brucie sporting his ‘illegal’ number plates! Now, I thought that all visitors to Silverstone would be petrolheads, and would therefore know that it is common practice to display cars at events with show plates!

Sunday 26th July – The racing on Saturday had been amazing, but by Sunday the rain had returned, heavy and persistant. Most of the racing was cancelled and by 1pm it was obvious that the day was ruined. By 2pm most of the Jaguars had left, so Rob, James, Helen and I, helped by a couple of remaining volunteers, decided to pack up the marquee and make an early start for home. For Rob and I, the journey was a long one, and the rain continued all the way to Edinburgh, with visibility on the A1 being awful, but Brucie got us home safely and in comfort!

xj220_silverstone_jul15  The storm on Friday night left Colin Manconi’s immaculate Jaguar XJ220 with its cover almost ripped off, and the heavy rain returned again on Sunday morning

I have indulged myself with lots of pictures of Brucie here, because he has not been out for a while, and it is afterall Brucie’s Diary! I thought he looked splendid in the bright sunshine and it may be his only visit to Silverstone! I have no idea who owned the E-type, I just felt that the sharply contrasting colours and models made a good picture. The picture of Brucie from the rear, emphasizes the higher roofline of the long wheel base model.

For those who follow Xclusively Jaguar on Facebook, there are more pictures of Jaguars at Silverstone Classic 2015 – mainly those in the pits.

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