Brucie’s Diary: May 2015

Current mileage: 165,747

What a busy month !!

Brucie was all set to go to Ickworth and then one day early in May we had a very warm day and I realised that Brucie’s air conditioning was not working. I whizzed him down to our local garage for what I thought would be a quick re-charge and heard the dreaded hissing noise of air conditioning gas escaping from the system! It didn’t take long to find the leak – the damage caused from the pheasant that hit Brucie last year had ovbiously decayed over winter and the gas was flooding out, so Brucie went back to bed for the remainder of May, allowing some of his younger siblings to take his place during the month’s events!

On 12th May Rob had been invited to give a talk for the JEC Shropshire Welsh Borders Region at Hatfields Jaguar in Shrewsbury. On the way there we called into XJK with the X358 Diesel Sovereign which had a slight water leak which Ian Kelsall revealed was coming from a split in the thermostat housing. We also left our newly purchased black X350 4.2 Sport with XJK for a full service and general health check.

The JEC members at Hatfields Jaguar were entertained by Rob with one of his talks on his life and the motor industry. JEC Events Chairman, Ray Searles, was able to chip in, both verifying and adding to some of the entertaining stories that were integral to the British motor industry of the past. Further entertainment was provided by the ‘virtual XE’ in the showroom, which to the naked eye appeared to be a box with XE written on it. Using the same technology as the ‘virtual reality suite’ at Jaguar’s Gaydon plant, with the aid of the correct binoculars  the box became a full size Jaguar XE which you could walk round, look inside and open the doors etc! Probably the most entertaining part was viewing the person using the binoculars, as they took up strange poses over what was to the rest of us merely a box! At the end of the evening the  highlight was the unvieling of a real XE by Rob Jenner!

JEC Shropshire Region Hatfields Shrewsbury with the Shropshire Welsh Borders Region of the JEC. We got to see the impressive new Jaguar XE. Many thanks to Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace for coming along. — picture and caption courtesy of Ray Searles (JEC Events Chairman)


For the JEC Eastern Day organised by Bob Welton’s Essex and Suffolk Borders team we travelled down to Ickworth House, near Bury St Edmunds. The event on Sunday 17th May was preceded by a Gala Dinner on 16th May. Our stunning black X358 XJR took Brucie’s place for this event and was among many other stunning Jaguars at the show. Here are just a selection ….


Back to Edinburgh on Monday for a quick catch-up at home and then we were off again! The pictures below show an  impressive turn out for Rob Jenner’s talk at the JEC West Sussex Region on 20th May 2015.

On 29th May 2015 JEC Chairman Rob Jenner and I were invited to the private launch of ‘The Jaguar Bonnet Artwork Collection’ at Fargo Village in Coventry.

The Artist, Cesar Pieri, works at Whitley as ‘Creative Specialist Jaguar Design Manager’ and was responsible for the Project 7 F-type, which was on display at Cesar’s exhibition surrounded by his unique artworks on Jaguar bonnets!

Having looked briefly at Cesar’s website, I had expected to see pictures of Jaguar bonnets and pictures on board cut into the shape of a Jaguar bonnet, but was astonished to find that all of the paintings are actually created on REAL Jaguar bonnets!

Cesar began his unique artworks as a hobby, but has decided to offer them for sale to pacify his wife, who he says is now exasperated with the growing number of Jaguar bonnets taking over the house!

Take a look, Cesar’s website HERE


Blessed with stunning weather, the SNG Barratt Open Day on 30th May, was once again a huge success with Jaguars over-flowing into the second car park, as in previous years! Those of us who got there early were rewarded with a space in the main car park, some real bargains in the autojumble, and a hearty complimentary breakfast! Hosted by the whole team at SNG Barratt, we were all made extremely welcome! We took the black X358 XJR in readiness for the hill climb at Shelsley Walsh the following day!


Jaguar X358 XJR

Our X358 XJR ready for the hill at Shelsley Walsh

SNG Barratt had hired Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb for the day after their open day, with exclusive use of the Hill Climb and all facilities for the whole day and customers who had replied to SNG Barratt’s invitation to join them for the day were privileged to be able to take SNG Barratt’s fully restored Series 1 E-type ’50EE’ up the hill, as well as being able to take their own Jaguar up the hill. As a bonus, Julian Barratt was also taxiing customers up the hill in his awd F-type R at full chat – quite an experience! The popularity of the E-type (50EE) was such that it was on the hill all day, without issue!

A fabulous day was had by all those who were invited. Rob Jenner and I unexpectedly ticked 4 more boxes on our wish lists:
Drive up Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb
Drive up Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb in a Series 1 E-type
Drive up Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb in an X358 XJR
Enjoy a passenger ride up Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb in an awd F-type R

Us taking pictures of you taking pictures of us on Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb! (Pictures courtesy of Nick Dean – PMC 112D and Rob Jenner CE58 GSU)