Brucie’s Diary: November 2015

Current mileage: 168,032

With Brucie safely tucked away for the winter, we travelled down to the Jaguar Visitor Centre for the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club AGM on 7th November in our X358 Diesel Sovereign, where Rob Jenner introduced the AGM and then stepped down as Chairman of the JEC as per the constitution which does not allow the Chairman to remain in the post for more than 2 years. Rob’s 3 year term as a director of the JEC was also up for renewal and happily he was unanimously voted back onto the board for a further 3 year term.

So many people were saying that we would surely be glad of the rest after all the travelling and events that the role involved, but with 3 talks at JEC Regional Meetings already booked, along with a host of other Jaguar related events, next year looks like being every bit as busy as this year!

Less than a week later we were back in the Midlands again, this time helping to set up the JEC stand at the NEC, Birmingham. The Thursday prior to the opening day is always a bit stressful as we have only one day to set everything up and get all the cars in!

Opening to the public on the 13th and running through to the 15th, the Classic Motor Show at the NEC is the last big event of the year!

On Friday the 13th Rob Jenner, and I as Xclusively Jaguar, were invited to a press call for the Heritage Motor Centre which has now changed its name to the British Motor Museum. More details can be seen HERE

Saturday and Sunday were fun packed

and breakdown on the Sunday evening is far less tense than set-up …..


After our catastrophe in January, the X358 Diesel Sovereign has limped on admirably all year, but the gearbox has grown progressively worse, so we chose to leave this Jaguar with XJK on our departure from the NEC, for fitment of a replacement gearbox and collect the black X300 XJR manual from XJK and drive back home in that. The X300 XJR had failed to proceed entirely and had been transported to XJK for investigation and rectification of an obscure fault! The engine would cut out for no apparent reason, and then would not crank, however the fault was spasmodic, making it hard to diagnose. Gavin and Ian and the team at XJK checked the car over thoroughly eventually finding a poor connection on the inertia switch. With this fault rectified K44 XJR began to perform again on the run home as it had done in past years – a true drivers car! I even managed to persuade Rob to hand the car over to me for the cross country part of the 250 mile journey north.

Jaguar X300 XJR Manual

Xclusively Jaguar holds all the build records of the 268 X300 XJR manual cars built (102 UK cars). If you own one of these cars, please forward your details to Xclusively Jaguar for us to add your car to the circa 35/36 examples known to survive in the UK.