Brucie’s Diary: May 2016

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23rd April 2016 – JEC Jaguar X350 Seminar

JEC Jaguar X350 Seminar

Being central to the UK, and with its excellent facilities, the North Staffordshire Medical Institute in Stoke on Trent is now home to the JEC Seminars, and for this seminar relating to the 2003 to 2009 aluminium bodied XJ saloon, code named X350 and X358,  there was an excellent turnout with every possible variant being represented! We took our rare Black 2008 X358 XJR and found an identical one already in the car park!

JEC Jaguar X350 Seminar

David Marks took the seminar and covered everything from model history to common faults and how to cure to them, with question time allowed for at the end of each section.

Personally, I found the seminar interesting and absorbing, and found myself nodding and smiling in acknowledgement when certain X350 faults were mentioned, having experienced most of them at some point in the past!

David Marks gives an excellent insight into the cars at all of his seminars (I have also attended his XJS and AJ6/AJ16 seminars). There will always be points raised that you have experienced, where you can ponder whether or not you diagnosed them correctly and may now be able to cure them! For those that you have not experienced, well, forewarned is forearmed!

David Marks is a JEC techical advisor who can be contacted for all Jaguar related enquiries and is also a sponsor of Xclusively Jaguar.

JEC Jaguar X350 Seminar

The event was arranged by Nigel Thorley, who ensured that all participants received a complimentary goodie bag containing an accompanying CD, information file and X350 guide book (£10 from Veloce Publishing) for later reference. The comprehensive seminar was preceded by a breakfast reception and interspersed with breaks for elevenses, lunch and afternoon tea, where ample refreshments were readily available. Throughout the seminar an SNG Barratt representative was on hand to confirm prices and availability of parts, with the opportunity to purchase commonly used items on the day, and order other parts for delivery.

Highly recommended!

Jaguar X350 Seminar pictures courtesy of Nigel Thorley



15th May 2016 – Kelso Show

Opium made her show debut when Rob Jenner and I joined other Borders Vintage Automobile Club members for a local Scottish Borders annual agricultural show at Kelso where there is always a display of classic (or unusual) cars. Opium's Information Sheet
The BVAC members had an interesting selection of Jaguars among them, along with other marques, including this Citreon 2CV, whose owner, John Littlewood, was fascinated by the difference in engine sizes between his 2CV and my XJ40’s AJ6 !! Citroen 2CV at Kelso Agricultural Show
Rob Jenner took his Maserati Quattroporte Ottocilindri IV  Maserati Quattroporte Ottocilindri IV
…… and did his best to look as Italian as his car! Rob Jenner at Kelso Show
Maserati Quattroporte Ottocilindri IV Maserati Quattroporte Ottocilindri IV
Ken Grimes modified XJS was in my XJS Timeline at Boddelwydden last year and followed this show up by appearing at Sudeley Castle and Prescott Hill Climb the following week Ken Grimes modified Jaguar XJS


Other Jaguars in the BVAC on display at Kelso Show



21st May 2016 – Sudeley Castle

After driving down from Edinburgh on Friday and spending some time at Eurojag in bright warm sunshine, it was a disappointment to wake on Saturday morning to rain and clouds!

But, undeterred by the weather, dedicated participants in concours and pride and joy classes soldiered on regardless!

Sudeley Castle JEC Jaguar Festival 2016
 The grass track into the event field soon became a muddy track. Some people left immediately, while others braved it out for some or all of the day, but it was not as enjoyable as it could have been, given dry weather. Fortunately not as bad as Silverstone last year, though!  Sudeley Castle JEC Jaguar Festival 2016
 Rob Jenner and I were on the gate at Sudeley Castle, meeting new Jaguar owners and re-aquainting ourselves with old friends.

The majority stayed for the day and the Jaguars displayed in the grounds of Sudeley Castle created a spectacular display.

 Sudeley Castle JEC Jaguar Festival 2016
 Despite the weather, the show went on, with some unusual entertainment – this chap with his fire act was probably warmer and dryer than most of us on the day!

The good news is that Helen Hodgson sold out of Jaguar umbrella’s in the JEC shop!

 Sudeley Castle JEC Jaguar Festival 2016

Sudeley Castle pictures courtesy of Nigel Thorley

Our thoughts are with Barry Heath of JEC Dorset, and his family, as a medical emergency in the family called him away after Sudeley and before he could enjoy Prescott.



22nd May 2016 – Prescott Hill Climb

Jaguar X300 XJR manual at Prescott HillclimbPhoto by Nigel Thorley

After the disappointment of yesterday, we were stunned to awake to bright sunshine for Prescott Hillclimb, and this time we had come prepared to do battle with a manual X300 XJR.


Jaguar X300 XJR manual at Prescott HillclimbPhoto by John Reed

Voted best entertainment of the day, our XJR went up the hill many times with both Rob Jenner and myself. Rob took several passengers up and I was able to get some video footage at those times. At the beginning of one of the videos I am heard to say that I knew it was Rob on his way as I heard the tyres squealing, which no-one seemed to acheive on the day! This gave me a few seconds in advance of his appearance round the first bend, to prepare the camera!


Jaguar X300 XJR manual at Prescott HillclimbPhoto by John Reed

Sitting at the startline, it occurred to me that I had never driven this car before, nor been up Prescott as anything other than a passenger!

Pride dictated that I didn’t want to drive like a granny, or alternatively risk the humiliation of chucking the car off the track, so disregarding Rob’s warning that if I bent it, I’d have to buy it, I opted to bury my foot in the carpet, have faith in the brakes and my own ability and make the most of this rare opportunity to drive to the full extent of my abilities (hoping they were up to the task!) and without fear of offending anyone or breaking the law!

Prescott veteran Rob Jenner’s best time was under 60 seconds and I was 10 seconds slower, which I was pleased with ….. but remember it is non competitive guys!!!


There are a number of pictures of JEC members cars on the hill posted on the Xclusively Jaguar Facebook Page in the album ‘Prescott Hill Climb 2016’ along with pictures and videos of K44 XJR.