Brucie’s Diary: September 2016

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XJ40 30th Anniversary Celebration at Dunkeld, Scotland – 28th and 29th August 2016

Dunkeld was such an important event that I felt it deserved its own post, and I tried hard to carry the amazing atmosphere over in my report. I didn’t want it to be all about me, but in order to get the passion I felt for the whole event across, it was necessarily from my viewpoint, to a certain extent.

See separate feature: Dunkeld 2016


Jaguar XJ40 30th Anniversary Celebration, Dunkeld


Below is an excerpt from the August/September 2016 issue of “The Trust”, where Jonathan Partridge kindly recorded the following details relating to Rob Jenner and myself, which I feel I can legitimately put here as it is relevant to “Brucie’s Diary!”

Excerpt from The Trust (Aug/Sept 2016)

The complete article on Dunkeld, as recorded by Jonathan Partridge, can be seen in  ‘THE TRUST’ (Jaguar Heritage News) – August/September 2016


I have actually been over-whelmed with the response to my feature, Dunkeld 2016 (referred to above). The comments are listed below, along with more that relate to the event itself. My sincere thanks to all those who responded.

Ann Hunt

Huge congratulations Letitia – what an amazing piece! Absolutely brilliant, it reflects the weekend so well.

Davide Costantini

That’s a very good and impressive job.

I’m sure that took a lot of effort and time to write all that information and the result it’s excellent.


Well done. Looks good.

Colin Shippey

Please register my interest in the coffee table book of the event. Thank you for a brilliant report.

Carl Allison

I would be interested in a coffee table book of the event.

We didn’t meet at the event (that I recall) but I do know your daughter Esta, We exchanged many emails about our respective ‘40s at the time, she introduced me to both Exlusively Jaguar and

Please remember me to her and let her know that my car (Elsa) made third place in the awards. I hope she is doing well (does she still work in design at JLR?)

Ed Abbott

Thanks for the report,  lovely bit of work bringing it all together.

I never pretended the XJ40 was my favourite Jaguar of all time , but I was proud in being part of the team that made it Jaguar’s most mechanically reliable car at the time of launch…and the fact that all the original 1986 press cars ran so well was testament to that….as was our Dunkeld event.

That weekend could not have gone better….. a lovely bunch of people..

Pim S…

Just went through your Dunkeld write-up, what a pleasure to read it was!

Yesterday I got an email Danny Hopkins, the editor for Practical Classics, they’ll be covering Dunkeld as well. With Paul Skilleter taking care of Jaguar World and Jaguar Enthusiast, plus Aart (the Dutch guy with the white pilot build car) working on a couple of Dutch classic/youngtimer magazines we’re getting some impressive press coverage…

Steve Howard

I thought the whole weekend was brilliant although we missed David Marks presentation because my good lady was worn out (due to her illness).

We didn’t do the run in our car but went with Rodney and Vicky in their XJ40 (H620 XYM) – which allowed me to take some piccies and enjoy the scenery.

Hats off to everyone involved – and congratulations to you and Rob on your achievements.

Aart van der Haagen

Great job done, Letitia!

Rory Semple

Wow! Fantastic😄

Rudy Schats

A belated CONGRATULATIONS! On your fantastic achievement to win the best car of the day award at the Dunkeld Show. Well Done!!



Edinburgh JEC BBQ – 30th August 2016

Jaguar X350 and Jaguar Sovereign Insignia We met Pim and Cassandra in their beautiful Peppermint 4.0 Sovereign Insignia at Dunkeld, and as we were leaving on the Tuesday morning they said that they were stopping overnight in Berwick on their way back to Holland, so we invited them to the Edinburgh JEC BBQ that evening, which we felt would be a nice way to wind down after all the excitement of the weekend. Pim took this picture of ‘a Scottish sunset over a black X350’ from the Insignia, as we drove in convoy to the BBQ (Cassandra was driving!)


The BBQ was in one of our members garages, where he has a collection of cars.

JEC Edinburgh Region BBQ

 On arrival, the cars were all covered and the game was to guess what the car was before it was unveiled – an idea which I then took forward for visitors to our own collection of cars! Pim pointed out that Rob and I were in the centre of the crowd, as usual and thanked all the Edinburgh JEC members for their hospitality, stating that he and Cassandra had thoroughly enjoyed the evening!


Daimler Majestic Insignia and Jaguar Sovereign Insignia Driving in convoy again, this time the Peppermint Sovereign Insignia is behind the Daimler Majestic Insignia, as on the following day, Pim and Cassandra came to see our modest collection of cars, and we played our favourite game ‘Guess what car is under the cover?’ which they thoroughly enjoyed, and seemed reluctant to leave – we thought they would miss their ferry!

All pictures relating to the Edinburgh JEC BBQ are courtesy of Pim and Cassandra




JEC Northern Day, Ripley Castle – 4th September 2016

Set up on Saturday was in the pouring rain, before retiring to Nidd Hall to dry out! Fortunately though, Sunday dawned bright and dry, so the show did go on!

One of the non-Jaguar attractions organized for this event was ‘Racing Piggies’ in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance, so Xclusively Jaguar sponsored one race, which was named “The Xclusively Jaguar Chase”

Six pigs ran in this race, each sponsored by a JEC member or a company, who named their pig.

Number 1 was “Jenner’s Bit ‘O Crackling” – sponsored by Rob Jenner …….. it came in last !!!

Knowing that there will be lots of pictures of lots of Jaguars at this event posted elsewhere, I decided to take a walk around the field and pick out my personal “Top Three” – this is no slight on any other Jaguars at Ripley, it is the three that I would pick if I was allowed to take any three Jaguars home with me, based on their condition, and my favourite models!


Andy Brooks pristine, concours winning XJ81 (XJ40 V12)

Andy Brooks' Jaguar XJ81


Jon Skinners 3.6 XJ40 XJR (See separate feature Le Mans Pilgrimage)

Jaguar XJ40 XJR


Daimler Century – FWP 555

1996 Daimler Century FWP555



Selkirk Vintage Rally Show – 18th September 2016

We went to Selkirk show with JEC Edinburgh region. Rob volunteered to do bacon rolls for all members as they arrived in the morning, so it was an early start for us, and we set off with gazebo, table, one hob burner and cooking equipment all loaded into the X-type estate, which Rob was driving.

I had originally planned to take Brucie, but changed my mind when I saw the weather forecast, then at the very last minute, grabbed the Daimler Majestic Insignia which happened to be at the front of the garage!

Selkirk is not restricted to Jaguars, so this time my choice was far more limited, and on this occassion my top three were:


Daimler Majestic Insignia (Yes, our own car, but I am besotted with this stunner!)

Daimler Majestic Insignia at Selkirk Show


Paul Keating’s Jaguar Majestic (formerly one of ours, so I know it’s a good one, and I’d gladly have it back!)

Jaguar Majestic at Selkirk


Raymond Credie’s XJS Celebration Convertible (I haven’t seen it before, and I was very impressed!)

Jaguar XJS Celebration Convertible at Selkirk



Round Britain Coastal Drive (Day 13: Marshall Meadows, Berwick upon Tweed) – 24th/25th September 2016

Philip Porter’s Round Britain Coastal Drive was due to arrive at Marshall Meadows Hotel, just north of Berwick upon Tweed at 5pm on Saturday 24th September, so Rob Jenner and I drove down to meet everyone …. in a Triumph TR6, because we felt that it was more in keeping with the Letitia Mace and Triumph TR6
spirit of the event than any of our Jaguars, which are relatively modern by comparison, and I did my best to dress for the occasion!

Philip Porter was there to welcome us in his E-type, that you may recognise from the original version of “The Italian Job”

Philip Porter, Letitia Mace and E-type 848 CRY
Arriving at Marshall Meadows we had coffee with those already there and took pictures of the E-types which graced the car park. Jaguar E-types on the Round Britain Coastal Drive
We had passed one casualty on the way there (a problem with oil pressure) waiting for Simon (the travelling mechanic) in the SNG Barratt ‘ambulance’ and we heard that, sadly, one E-type had been written off on the journey through Scotland. SNG Barratt Jaguar XF Sportbrake at Scott Brown Cars, Reston, Berwickshire
When everyone had eventually turned up we learnt that one E-type needed new rear shock absorbers. This had became apparent a few days into the journey round Britain, so CMC had sent rear shock absorbers for Simon to fit. This he intended to do that evening, in the car park!  Rob Jenner with new E type rear shock absorbers supplied by CMC Bridgnorth
At this point Rob Jenner stepped in, and one phone call later, all was arranged for Simon to have the use of a ramp at Scott Brown Cars – SNG Barratt’s XF Sportbrake is pictured above, outside Scott Brown’s impressive workshop at Reston.
 …….. although a few miles back up the road towards Edinburgh, we knew that the time spent driving there would be more than made up for in time and effort by having access to a ramp and a comprehensive selection of tools.  Simon Hemsley working on an E-type Jaguar at Scott Brown Cars
Once there, as I suspected, Scott Brown and Rob Jenner both got involved in helping Simon to change the shock absorbers, which meant that they were done within an hour!  Scott Brown and Rob Jenner working on a Jaguar E-type
Almost there – new rear shock absorbers fitted to the off-side! Jaguar E type off-side rear wheel arch showing new shock absorbers
Job done, lights out, and Rob Jenner reverses the car off the ramp, ready for its owner to return to the hotel !!

Huge thanks must go to the following people for getting this E-type back on the road swiftly and safely!

Rob Jenner driving a Jaguar E-type at Scott Brown Cars
CMC, Bridgnorth (for supplying parts)  Jaguar E-type rear shock absorbers from CMC
SNG Barratt (for providing vehicle back-up and parts expertise)  SNG Barratt Jaguar E-type '50EE'
Simon Hemsley (Independant Jaguar E-type specialist and Round Britain Coastal Drive travelling mechanic!)  Simon Hemsley Round Britain Coastal Drive Jaguar E-type mechanic
Scott Brown (for opening up his workshop at very short notice on a Saturday evening and working, unpaid, alongside Simon Hemsley!

A donation to Prostrate Cancer UK was requested by Scott Brown, in lieu of payment.)


 Jaguar E-type rear shock absorbers fitted at Scott Brown Cars
Rob Jenner (for bringing everything together!)  Jaguar E-type, Simon Hemsley, Scott Brown and Rob Jenner
We returned to Marshall Meadows in the morning to see everyone off, including the very early Series 1 and a half, with its new rear shock absorbers !!  Jaguar E-type - very early Series 1 and a half
….. and the fourth right hand drive roadster off the production line in 1961 which formerly belonged to Lofty England, and has been sympathetically restored by CMC Bridgnorth etype_1600rw-sep16
A busy picture, as everyone prepares to leave for the next leg of the journey!

A further selection of pictures can be found on the Xclusively Jaguar Facebook page in the album “E-types at Marshall Meadows”

 Jaguar E-types at Marshall Meadows, Berwick upon Tweed
The E-type Club E-type Club



August and September were busy months for us, and during the lead up to Dunkeld we had a wealth of Jaguar visitors to our home, including Jaguar Specialist David Marks, with his XJ40 Prototype; Dave Bicknall  (who owns an immaculate XJ40 Sport) treated us to dinner; and Lesley and Stuart King (whose unique XJS Guy Salmon Insignia graced the XJS Timeline at Bodelwydden this time last year) sent us a message saying: “Thank you so much for your hospitality. It is lovely to meet people who are so passionate about their cars and able to live the dream!”