Brucie’s Diary: October 2019

It has been a very busy summer since I last updated Brucie’s Diary for June 2019 and over the winter month’s I hope to complete and publish some of the reports on the shows we attended.

The last month has been very trying from an IT perspective! Bearing in mind that I am primarily a Jaguar enthusiast, I only use a computer as a means to communicate with the Jaguar community – I am not an IT enthusiast – it is a means to an end!

Laptop, internet and phone all chose the same month to fail on me, and having to transfer everything to a new laptop gave me the opportunity to go through some long unseen pictures etc using time that would normally have been spent answering emails – all of which failed to be delivered!

If you have sent me an email in the last month, please re-send it, as it is unlikely that I have seen it!

Details of my new email address are given below, for those who have not seen this message elsewhere.


URGENT: new email address

Please note new email address, effective from NOW (please note exclusively now spelt with an E)

Please delete my previous email address (without the e) as it is no longer valid.


So, here’s some of the trivia I unearthed from my old laptop …..


N473 GLM purchased on 4th November 2005

Just like Brucie, this X300 4 litre Sovereign was named after his colour, and known as ‘Sapphire’

Purchased from Swallows Jaguar, who are now sponsors of Xclusively Jaguar!

Brucie (1997 Jaguar X300 4.0 LWB Sovereign) at Windsor P468NLN purchased on 4th November 2010

Looking back at my old Jaguar records, I purchased Brucie 5 years to the day after purchasing Sapphire – so, how long does it take to make a SWB 4.0 X300 Sovereign into a LWB 4.0 X300 Sovereign?

Answer: 5 years ….. that’s about an inch per annum!


This jigsaw was a gift from my son. The completed jigsaw is now framed and hangs proudly in our kitchen for all to see …. but can you work out what the two cars are?

The picture was taken at the Mike Hawthorn Museum on 26th May 2013.


One evening we parked up ready for an early start in the morning. I was driving the X350 which was parked under the tree and Rob was driving the X358, in front. Overnight the tree appeared to have dropped most of its leaves and they had all landed on the X350, which I had to clear before driving away! It was so precise that it looked like it had been planned that way!


Silver Jaguar Day!

There is a constant flow of Jaguar enthusiasts to and from our home,

but one morning, they were all in Silver Jaguars!

Pictures by Paul Keating


Wroxall Abbey 2018

Last year I was asked by the JEC to organise a timeline to celebrate 50 years of the XJ. As I was busy I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures of Brucie in the timeline. A friend sent me this picture, but if you know of anyone else who may have any, I would be very grateful to receive them. Please send to


Two of the other Jaguar XJ’s that were part of the celebrations at Wroxall were Phil Waters’ XJ40 Fire Tender and ex-Police Car. After the event Phil received the pictures below – I don’t know the name of the ‘photographic artist’ so if you recognise them, please contact so that I can credit the person who created them.


Shetland Classic Car Show 2020

Next year we will once again be visiting the Shetland Classic Car Show and this time I am hoping to take Brucie. I think it may be his first time on a ferry or boat and it will definitely be his first time in Shetland!

Shetlanders are proud of their motoring heritage and the biennial classic car show is a big event. Pictures of Shetland registered cars will be on display in one of the halls at the show, such as the ones below. If you recognise any of these, please contact


AAV 572, PS 3634, PS 2387, PS 1986



I think that is enough trivia for one month!