Route 50EE



I’ve stated in past newsletters that Xclusively Jaguar has allowed me to do some amazing things, many of which I still marvel at and genuinely do not think I would have had the chance to do had I not founded Xclusively Jaguar, and the two trips referred to below are prime examples.

There was a time when I used to see quite a lot of Win Percy, because we were both living in the West Country, but Win now lives abroad and I moved away to Scotland. Win doesn’t come over to the UK very often these days, due to poor health, so when he invited me to lunch earlier this year, the trip from Edinburgh to Lyme Regis was worth every mile!

At last, I was able to introduce my partner, Rob Jenner, to my good friend, Win Percy!

Win has placed the entire remaining stock of his biography “Win 1” in my care, so if you would like a copy, please contact me at     I hope to find time to read Win’s book over Christmas and do a proper review, but glancing through it as I have, it appears to be an interesting and informative read. Signed copies are at a premium as I cannot guarantee that Win will be able to travel to the UK to sign any more.



Route 50EE

Earlier in the year, SNG Barratt had suggested that we (Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace) might enjoy a few days touring in 50EE. We knew this would be a very special treat, the problem was, finding a few days free of commitments! So, after leaving Win, we travelled up to Bridgnorth to collect 50EE and decamped from X-type estate into E-type Series 1 – this was serious downsizing so some of the luggage was left in the X-type in the hope that it would not be required!

First stop was to pay homage to Norman Dewis and visit his former home one last time before everything changed. Coincidentally, it was almost 6 years to the day since I visited Norman here and wrote Norman Dewis and a prelude to the first E-type test drive!



From Norman’s house we drove to The Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway in search of some interesting scenery in which to take photos of 50EE. We were in luck, as the staff at this steam railway station were extremely helpful and accommodating. To begin with, they allowed us to park up on the grass in front the station so that we could get a picture of 50EE with the steam train and the water tower.


After this, they advised us where to go for the best picture of 50EE as the steam train passed along the railway. As the train approached, they stopped and allowed the passengers to take pictures of 50EE, before moving on!
During our travels we stopped to take photos of 50EE with a phone box, as it seems to be one of those timeless pictures.
We couldn’t resist stopping for pictures at a place called “New Invention”
We stayed at The Dragon Hotel in Montgomery, where we met up with friends from Finland, who had arranged to meet us there while touring the UK.
We had a wonderful evening, and the following morning we found an amazing Model Car Museum in Montgomery, which is well worth a visit, as is Montgomery itself – everything was very pleasing!


After an appropriate photoshoot, where the planned route for the day was discussed in detail, we said farewell to our friends and set forth once more, touring the picturesque countryside along the Anglo Welsh Borders, finally coming to rest at Penyard House Hotel, Ross-on-Wye.


50EE at Penyard House Hotel

50EE parked in Ross-on-Wye

The following day we had planned to meet up with the family, so we drove to The International Centre for Birds of Prey at Newent in The Forest of Dean. Our young Grandsons had their first taste of an E-type so I hope it leaves the appropriate impression on them and they will become the E-type drivers of the future!




50EE is the car that SNG Barratt use to test all the parts they re-introduce to the market, so it goes without saying that this car is in first class condition and any faults are to be reported back to SNG Barratt without hesitation for investigation and rectification or refinement of those parts which are to be marketed.

We were both familiar with 50EE, having driven the car on plenty of occasions at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, among other Jaguar enthusiasts and E-type owners. What we were not prepared for when we took 50EE out on the open road was the amount of attention it drew – every time we parked, a flock of inquisitive people gathered round!

Rob found the biggest challenge to be the lack of wing/door mirrors and added to this, I needed a bulky cushion behind me as the seat did not go forward far enough for my short legs. Difficult on hill climb gear changes, but very tiring on a long run! I think I made the same comment when I drove the Series 2 from CMC, and if I owned an E-type I would need to have the seat runners adapted to suit.

So, not much to grumble about really!

Would we do it again?

YES !!!!




Much Wenlock
Ch. Stretton
Craven Arms
Bishops Castle
Church Stoke
New Invention
Ross on Wye
Bishops Frome
Upper Sapey
Gt. Witley
Clows Top

With many thanks to SNG Barratt