If I were thinking of a name for a new ‘old car’ club, I would not immediately think of ‘Club of Ancient Automobiles and Rallies Great Britain’ (CAAR GB), but that is exactly the name given to the Club in 1994, after an ambitious trip along Route 66 a year earlier.

The organiser of the Route 66 rally in 1993 called the Club CAAR International, and over a hundred participants came from all over Europe. The following year, many of the participants met to discuss setting up national clubs, and thus CAAR Spain, CAAR Germany, CAAR Poland and several others were formed. Today there remains only CAAR Poland and CAAR GB.

For over 20 years CAAR GB has been organising ambitious rallies – Nova Scotia to Orlando, Vancouver to Los Angeles, both islands of New Zealand, the Baltic States, Scandinavia and every country in Europe (several times).The rallies are designed to be relaxing tours of interesting places, in beautiful scenery, driving old cars in the company of friends. Organised by the membership ‘at cost’, so no profit is made, which means that our rallies are extremely good value. Several of our members have become incredibly skilled at producing exciting, enjoyable and memorable trips at remarkably low cost.

Route 89 RallyRead Norman Roper’s report on the Route 89 Rally

CAAR GB operates as a not for profit limited company run by the membership, which is very small. We have an Annual General Meeting each year around April to discuss options for future rallies, and another meeting around October to finalise arrangements for any forthcoming rally. It is a tried and tested formula that has produced amazing trips.

Everyone in the Club knows by name every other member, so it really is friends travelling together. We actively welcome a few new members each year. So if this sounds the Club for you, please contact our Membership Secretary Guy Vinall through our website.

I look forward to meeting you.

Barry Markham