Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia


Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia

The JDCA as it is known is based in Sydney Australia.

It was founded in 1964 and has over 600 registered members. With many of those memberships including partners the number is then over 1,000.

Over the years Jaguar has had many Models or series of cars and as some members interests may be for all things Jaguar their passion relates to one or more of a particular series. So recognising the synergy between various models, all Jaguar cars can be categorised into “registers” where models with great similarities are grouped together (for Club purposes). Each register is co-ordinated by a Register Secretary,

As well as being bound together by our interest in Jaguar cars, the club is very social and organises over 40 events each year which are open to all members and their guests. They include social events such as club meetings and midweek or weekend runs which normally finish with a lunch or picnic.

There are race meetings and rallies in association with other classic car clubs.

Also there are Motorkhanas providing competitions with other clubs.

Each year the JDCA has annual Display Day and Concours events where over 200 Jaguars assemble.

A monthly high quality colour magazine is produced and available to all club members.

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Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia