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The Jaguar Drivers’ Club was formed in 1956, and is the only Jaguar club officially recognised by Sir William Lyons. We take pride in the quality service we offer our members, including its class-leading magazines, Club insurance scheme and comprehensive website.


Full-Time Staff
At the Club’s headquarters, full-time staff are available to help and advise-just a phone call away. 01582 419332

Discount Insurance Scheme
Members can automatically take advantage of the Club’s special insurance scheme, designed to source highly competitive rates. FREE VALUATION

Discount Scheme
Members are offered discounts on many of the goods and services within Jaguar Driver.

Jaguar Driver-your magazine
A prestigious colour monthly publication packed with interesting articles, topical news items and technical information. An up to date classified ad section, where members can advertise FREE of charge.

Free Technical Advice
Our Club experts are always pleased to offer help and advice.

Free Parts Location
Service to Members, where our Parts Location experts will source difficult to find parts.

AA and RAC Membership
The RAC are offering our members 35% discount on joining and 25% on renewal thereafter.
The AA are offering 30% discount and 10% on each renewal. Conditions apply. There are also discounts for HPI checks.

A free members helpline is available.

We are proud to offer a full range of Jaguar Drivers’ Club regalia – mail order is available.

Overseas Representation
The Club is represented in a number of overseas countries including USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East and all of the European nations.

Cherished Car Registration Scheme
We undertake the task of liaising with the DVLA to enable you to recover, register or re-register your cherished vehicle registration number ‘lost’ when the computerised V5 was introduced in 1983.

Official Recognition
The Club has a long and historic relationship with Jaguar Cars, which provides members with many exciting opportunities, such as factory visits, displays of rare vehicles for Club events and a car hire service for special occasions.


Contact Us

Jaguar House, 18 Stuart Street, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 2SL

Tel: 01582 419332

Fax: 01582 455412


Office open Monday to Friday


Jaguar Drivers Club