XKR Silverstone

Jaguar XKR Silverstone Register


Registre International des XKR Silverstone

Some years ago I set up the above register at the request of a member of the French XK8 Forum, however, as I become more involved with Jaguar cars I find that I have so much more to do these days and having been again approached by the French XK8 Forum I have agreed to place the register in their capable and enthusiastic hands!

I have not handed over any email addresses or information known to me, as I am leaving that to you as the owners of the cars to contact the French XK8 Forum at this email address:
Thierry Schaeffer
or alternatively

Otto van Voorst

If you own a Jaguar XKR Silverstone I hope you will get in touch with them so that they can begin to build their own records.

Many thanks for your co-operation.


Jaguar XKR Silverstone Register Update – February 2019

In replying to a request for information on the Jaguar XKR Silverstone, I found the original post from my old website, and have added the link below.


The Jaguar XKR Silverstone Limited Edition

Jaguar XKR Silverstone Register (known cars, last updated 2011)