XJ40 Register


Paul Keating is compiling a register of the XJ40 (straight 6) and XJ81 (V12) series cars built between 1986 and 1994.

Paul hopes you can help him with details of any XJ40 cars you may know or have on file in your part of the world, whether you have owned them or not, and whether or not they are alive or scrapped long ago.

Paul welcomes details of all XJ40’s either in the UK or overseas. Outside the UK he has no way of knowing what they were or where they went, so he is heavily reliant on the assistance of fellow enthusiasts all over the world.  There are no research facilities for non UK cars.

Paul’s XJ40 Register does not note the private information of the owners, as that would upset people, and often people have provided information to him on the understanding that both they and their cars remain anonymous and his research won’t be internet accessible, not just due to privacy, but also because his register has become very complex and provides model specific information, details and codes about interior/exterior colours, alloy wheels, chassis numbers, production information etc.  It has basically become a “how to” tool regarding the XJ40.


The information I record on XJ40’s is;




Engine Size:

Date of first registration:

Wheel Style:

Interior Colour:

Exterior Colour:

Chassis Number/Vehicle Identification Number: (Essential for non UK cars)

Number of owners:

Engine Number:

Any other relevant information: (anything the owner feels applicable about the car)


Please email Paul Keating with any relevant information for the register – it does not have to be a complete set of details, as anything is useful.

We hope to publish regular updates on Paul’s progress with this register.


October 2017 Update

The XJ40 Register has just reached 10,000 and registrar, Paul Keating, notes the following:

* Current car count: 10,066
* Cars active within the UK: 869
* Cars active outwith the UK: 264
* Cars active total: 1,133
* Highest mileage: 326,096 (1994 3.2S)
* Second highest mileage: 321,287 (1988 3.6 Sovereign)
* Manual transmission: 661
* Automatic transmission: 9,405
* Most common spec: XJ6 (base)
* Most common engine: 4.0
* Most common colour: Blue (arctic, westminster, diamond etc)
* Most common MOT failure/cause of scrapping: Corrosion